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As you can see from the menu at the left, I will be splitting this section into three major categories: Magickal, Medicinal and Culinary.  I will gather my information from various books and notes I've made when travelling across the internet. 

If you have been looking up herbs, I'm sure you have noticed the uses and correspondences are almost as diverse as the websites you came across.  My intention is to take all of the information I've found and try to find the common ground. 

My research is by no means carved in stone nor is it the truest most accurate information out there. It is simply my research.



Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog

Ever wonder about all those ingredients the witches of yore put into their brews?  Allthough I don't have the correspondence for "eye of newt" here are some other correspondences that you might find interesting. Just click on the title!