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Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog


A lion's hairs: Ttongue of a turnip(the leaves of the taproot)

An eagle: Wild garlic

A man's bile: Turnip sap
A pig's tail: Leopard's bane

Ass's foot or bull's foot: Coltsfoot

'Adders Fork or Adders Tongue - Dogstooth Violet
Bat's wings: Holly
Bear's foot: Lady's mantle

Bull's blood: Horehound
Bone of an ibis: Buckhorn

Blood of Ares: Purslane

Blood of Hephaistos: Wormwood

Blood of a goose: A mulberry tree's milk
Blood of an eye: Tamarask Gall



Blood from

-a head: Lupine

-from a shoulder: Bear's breach(probably acanthus mollis or helleborus foetidus)

-From the loins or Blood of Hestia: Camomile

Calf's snout or Dog's Mouth - Snap Dragon
Dogs Tongue - Conoglossum Officinale

Fat from

-a head: spurge
-From the belly: Earth-Apple
-From the foot: houseleek


Frog's Foot - Bulbous Buttercup - Ranunculus Bulbosus
Bird's Eye - Germander Speedwell- also called Eye of Christ
Cat's Foot - Canada Snake Root and/or Ground Ivy
Crow Foot - Cranesbill
Devils Dung - Asafoetida
Dragon's Blood - Calamus
Goat's Foot - Ash Weed
Graveyard dust: mullein
Hawk's heart: heart of wormwood

Hairs of a hamadryas baboon: Dill seed

Hundred Eyes - Periwinkle
Kronos blood: of cedar
Lady's Glove - Foxglove aka Witches' Gloves
Lion's Tooth - Dandelion aka Priest's Crown
seed of Horus: Horehound

Semen of Hermes: Dill

Semen of Hephaistos: Fleabane
Semen of Ammon: houseleek
Semen of Ares: clover

Semen of Helios: white hellebore
Semen of Herakles: mustard rocket
Shepherd's Heart - Shepherd's Purse
Sparrow's tongue: knotweed
Titan's blood: wild lettuce

Tears of a hamadryas baboon: Dill juice
Toad - Toadflax

Tongue of dog: houndstongue
Unicorn's Horn - False Unicorn - Helonias Dioica

Unicorn Root: ague root
Weasel Snout - Yellow Archangel
Wolf Foot - Bugle Weed
Wolf's claw: club moss
Wolf's milk: euphorbia