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Your fingers slipped through mine,

I couldn't hold you,

My promise is broken,

You disappear into the void

where I can not go,

I disappear into the night,

Buried by the ash of a fire

that once burned between us.

A lost memory.

The shards of a broken mirror now surround me,

Reflecting a thousand times over

the tears that won't ever fall,

The hole inside me

is nothing

compared to the


Around me.


In the dark stone walls of my mind,

There is no sound,

but death,

There is no silence,

but life,

My body is lying on a bed,

Covered in a light silk sheet,

My body is dead,

My mind is alive,

Neither really exist.

The sky outside is graying,

The ground is shrouded in fog.

I don't feel pain,

I lack joy,

But I am comforted.

I have escaped the world of noise,

The world of broken dreams,

Time has


But beauty remains,

Darkness is light,

And the mind consumes all.

There is no here,

No there,

But what I want,

What I feel,

What I desire,

This I know,

All is one


Yet separated by infinite distance,

But nothing really exists.

I'll wake one day,

To the nightmare,

To life.


I walk down a country path,

That leads me to the deepest of forests,

I hear birds in the trees,

I see colours of tropical flowers that surpass

the most vivid of imaginations.

In the distance I can hear chipmunks,

Guarding the treasures of mystics.

A wolf announces his glorious kill for all to hear,

And all to fear.

I walk until I come to a cliff,

High atop the treetops, high atop the earth,

I stand like a beacon for the gods to see,

There are stairs leading down, cut deep into the rock,

This was no doubt left by an ancient tribe,

Their sacred place of worship, high above everything,

Where they would dance with the stars and pray to the moon,

I descend into the wild green canopy,

Only a few sunbeams get in, tinted by the leaves,

I stare in awe at what surrounds me, the forest that I will call my


I follow a babbling brook, that whispers the tales of many people of long


And cross over to the other bank on a fallen tree,

The path that once led here, has now grown wild,

But I know the way, and my destination is just ahead,

My sanctuary, my secret, my palace.

To you it may not seem like much,

Some standing stones overcome by the forest,

But for me it is my freedom,

The place I can be alone,

It is here I seek wisdom,

It is the place where mundane reality ends,

Here I dance with the spirits,

Here I can speak with the dead,

No one can enter, no one may leave,

But I can invite you in,

Alone you are lost, found you are not here,

I can help free your soul,

This is where it all starts and where it all shall end,

This is where I find myself,

This is where life begins.


 The mountains rise up before me,

towering striaght to the sky,

this place seems so familiar,

I've been here a thousand times,

the adventure calls out to me,

the land seems to welcome me,

I am one with this earth,

and all that surrounds me,

I don't need to be afraid,

I am free,

there is no worry,

I am home,

I call this place home,

though never have I lived here,

I feel a unity, a bond,

as if I am part of the earth,

the trees and stones,

the grass,

the rivers,

Perhaps I was the grass that grows,

high atop these cliffs,

blown by a gentle wind,

warmed by the blazing sun,

quenched by a falling rain,

Or perhaps I was a river,

forever running across the land,

cooling the earth,

nourishing life,

racing the wind.

And maybe I am the wind,

that speaks to the trees,

and whispers to the grass,

that grows upon the mountainside.

Here I belong,

Here I am home.

All Writing (C)opyrighted Meg Roth 1998