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This is a collection of spells I have found all over the place. They vary in techniques, from candles to cords, and herbs to stones. Some are from the web, some are from books, and some I created myself. I don't claim all of these as my own, but due to the many sources I searched I can't give credit to everyone. The main reason for this is that I don't know where I found most of these spells.

If you came here to look for a curse, or riches or a spell that will make someone fall desperately in love with you, I'm sorry, but you're at the wrong place. I don't deal with these things because, in my opinion, they violate the Wiccan Rede: "An ye harm none, do what you may."

With that said, BROWSE AWAY!


Protection Spells, Hex and Curse Breaking Spells, Cleansing Spells, Fertility Spells, Money Spells, Uplifting Spells, Health and Healing Spells, Power Spells, Miscellaneous Spells

Protection Spells

The Goddess' Prayer
(Use this prayer whenever you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or you feel the need for the Lady's protection:)
Gracious Goddess,
Who art Maiden, Mother and Crone,
Celebrated be Your Name.
Help me to live in peace
Upon Your Earth
And grant me safety in Your arms.
Guide me along my chosen path
And show me Your great eternal love
As I strive to be kind to those
Who don't understand Your ways
And lead me safely to Your Cauldron of Rebirth
For it is Your Spirit that lives within me
And protects me
For ever and ever
So mote it be!
from Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

Protection Chant
I call the light of golden rays
I seek protection thus', I pray.
For heavenly forces at my side
Angels, Sages, spirit guides
Or wolves who walk with cunning skill
Come to my aid! Come at my will!
Black bird soaring, light my path
So I am victim to no one`s wrath!
And when my journey at last succeeds,
All those who aid me, Blessed Be!
R E Goodwin

Chant of Protection
Goddess, Give me protection from the outside world,
Let whatever people say about me not hurt,
Let whatever I fear not bother me,
Let all the mixed up feelings inside be released without harm,
Goddess, you see my pain,
I am thy child,
I am thy soul,
I need a dream to cast away this pain,
Something to soothe my soul,
Give me protection from the outside world.
by Destiny (

Mandrake Potion for Protection/Purification
To make a mandrake root potion for protection, allow a mandrake root to "rest" in your house, undisturbed for three days. On the third night, place the root in a bowl or a small cauldron filled with water and let it soak overnight. The next day, remove the mandrake root from the bowl or cauldron of water, dry it, then wrap it in a piece of cloth. (according to tradition, the magical power of the mandrake root is activated by this procedure).
Light a new white candle and some frankincense, and then to the bowl of water add a small amount of rose water (distilled from rose petals) or a bit of tea brewed from fresh rosebuds. Stir clockwise (the magickal direction for invoking and positive workings) with the index finger of your power hand. This is usually the hand you write with. As you do this, visualize a pulsating beam of white light emanating from your fingertip and charging the water with the power of protection. At the same time, recite three times the following incantion:

Essence of mandrake,
Essence of rose,
As I stir, thy magick grows.
Venus and water,
Fire and Mercury,
Charge with protection
This potion.
So mote it be!
from Magick Potions by Gerina Dunwich

Protection From Anger
To protect yourself from the destructive forces of another person's anger, sprinkle powdered passion flower across your threshold.
From Everday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

Protection Jar for the Home
you will need: assortment of threads in different colors, a small jar with a screw on lid and scissors.
Cut the threads into 1-2 inch lenghts. Drop them one by one into the jar, saying with each one:

Bits of thread
Protection shed.

When the jar is full, screw the lid on, lick your index finger and use it to draw a pentagram on the jar lid. Charge the jar's protective powers with the following incantation:

Oh, Hestia of the Hearth and Home,
Guard my family with Your might.
Protect them from all ills that roam
With this little jar, sealed tight.
Protect this home, oh Hestia, too,
Confine all evil to this jar.
Bring good vibrations - old and new -
And grant good will from near and far.

Place the jar in as central a location as possible in your home.
From Everday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

Hex and Curse Breaking Spells

Potion to Break Curses or Hexes
I did this spell and had great results. Although i just did the chant and visualization I will include the actual potion that goes with it.
Prepare and infusion from the Saturn-ruled plant, mimosa. After it's cooled, strain it and then apply it to your entire body using a sponge. As you do this visualize the curse as a dark aura surrounding your physical body and, as the infusion is absorbed into you, your inner self becoming filled with a bright magickal light. Imagine your entire body radiating with this light, and it's healing warmth and brightness burning away the dark aura of evil and negativity. Now turn yourself completely around three times in a counterclockwise fashion (the direction for banishing) and each time you turn recite the following incantation:

By turn of one
The curse is done.
By turn of two
Its power is through
By turn of three
It ceases to be!
from Magickal Potions by Gerina Dunwich

To Break Curses
If a curse has brought despair,
Brew this potion for repair:
One boiled cup of fallen rain In a kettle, fancy or plain;
Add one spoon angelica fresh,
After ten minutes
Strain through a mesh.
Drink when Luna's light does wane:
Broken curses you shall gain!
from Magickal Potions by Gerina Dunwich

Cleansing Spells

To Cleanse Stones and Stones Set in Jewelry
Thought the old-fashioned method of cleansing stones in saltwater works well, the mixture often corrodes metal jewelry settings. Instead, put stones in the freezer for twenty-four hours; this process removes all negative energy and doesn't harm precious metals.
From Everday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

To Cleanse the Physical Body
Add two cups of salt to a full bath. Place your hands over the water and chant:

 Salt and water purify
Negative energy where it lies.
Cleanse my body tress to toe.
As I will now, make it so!

 Completely immerse yourself several times, being certain to cleanse each bodily orifice with the salt water. (note: for eyes and nostrils, use a drop or two of water on your fingertips. If you have any cuts, scrapes or abrasions, you may want to put this bath on hold until you heal. Salt has excellent healing properties, but does ten to sting raw flesh.)
From Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

To Cleanse Ritual Tools
You will need:
A white candle, a small bowl of water, frankincense or sandalwood incense and a small dish of soil.

 Light the candle and the incense. Pass the tool through the incense smoke and chant:

 I cleanse you with the breath of Air,
Winds blown cold and winds blown fair.

 Pass the tool through the candle flame. Chant:

 I cleanse you with the warmth of Fire,
Dancing flame and purifier.

 Asperge the tool with water. Chant:

 With Water I clease and give you life,
Babbling brook and surging knife.

 Sprinkle the tool with soil. Chant:

 I cleanse you with the depths of Earth,
Home of death and place of birth.

 Take the tool in both hands and lift it skyward. Say:

 Be free of negativity!
As I will, so mote it be!
from Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

Fertility Spells

Conception Charm
Both partners should gather seven nuts and seven seeds along with a green cloth and a yellow string. Take these components outside when there's an easterly wind (for a new beginning). bundle the seeds and nuts together in the green cloth (for growth). Tie the sachet with the yellow ribbon (for creative energy), Knotting it seven times for completion. With each knot, say,

Kwan Yin*, see our hearts.
To our bodies, your blessing impart.
Fill these tokens with fertility;
let our love manifest in gregnancy.

 Carry these tokens in your pockets (near the groin) or close to your heart as often as possible. During lovemaking, keep one on each side of the bed. And don't overlook practical things, like getting lots of rest, eating well, and enjoying each other!
from Goddess in my Pocket by Particia Telesco
*Kwan Yin is the Chinese goddess of fertility, who is also called "she who brings children" or "she who hears the cries of the world"


Money Spells

Fool's Gold
Put two pieces of pyrite (fool's gold) on your altar or entertainment center with a green candle. Carve a dollar sign on the candle, then light it, saying,

Erzulie*, answer my need,
constraints be free,
today I claim prosperity.

 Let the candle burn out naturally. Leave one stone in your home to keep providence there, and carry the other with you to attract improved finances.
from Goddess in my Pocket
*Erzulie is a Haitian goddess who bestows wealth on those in need.

Parsley Protection
Put a piece of parsley or dried lettuce in your wallet. As you do, recite this incantation nine times:

 Less goes out than goes in;
Erzulie's* magic here begins.
Prosperity within remains and grows,
to ease my cash flow woes.

Try to mentally reapeat the incantation every time you open your wallet, to keep more money in than out.
from Goddess in my Pocket by Patricia Telesco
*Erzulie is a Haitian goddess who bestows wealth on those in need.

Uplifting Spells

I'm Tickled
Combine a little creative visualization with a magically empowered feather, and you should soon find the blues lifting. Hand a large white feather in a window where it can receive energy from easterly winds (which symbolize new beginnings and hope) for three days. Afterward, take it in your hand and imagine it filled with white cleansing light as you say,

Make me laugh, let joy be mine.
Within my aura, let your light shitne!

Gently move the feather through your auric field from head to toe, and literally tickle yourself happy! Carry it with you so it's handy anytime you feel a little down.
from Goddess in my Pocket by Patricia Telesco

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