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Coven Craft Cottage

The cottage started out as an email list filled with interesting people and has now grown to be a community of friends.  Although many of us have never met, we feel like we know each other well.  This is a website that is still largely under construction, but someday, will reflect the people within and around the cottage.


FabricDragon's Homepage

This beautiful young woman is one of the original cottage members.  She has put together a website that includes lots of neat stuff including some things that she sells.  If you're looking for ribbons and trims, costuming materials, craft supplies, gems and jewelry, historical re-creation goods, and supplies for the circle, you can find them here.


The Witches Voice

This is a great site for pretty much anything pagan.  It has a section where you can find other pagans in your area, current pagan issues, local covens, local events, and a lot of other great stuff.  I really recommend this site.