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24 Steps to Construct a Spell

1. Clearly understand and define your magickal goal. Write it down or state it out loud to help form it solidly in your mind. By doing this you begin to invest the spell and the desired outcome with your emotions and energy. If you have more than one need, you may wish to spread them out. You can work more than one spell at a "session," but doing so will dissipate and scatter your energies, leaving less for each spell. If you feel you must do multiple spells, limit them to three and try to relate them in some way, so that the energy you raise remains as focused as possible.

2. Be sure of the ethics of your hoped-for outcome. Approach the spell from all angles to satisfy yourself that you are not violating anyone else's free will or being manipulative. Many witches like to do a divination first, to be doubly sure that their spell will not have any unforeseen ramifications. If the results of the divination are negative, try rethinking your intent to see if you can circumvent the problem. Then do another divination and see what comes up.

3. If you wish to use a specific element as a focus for your magick, decide which one is most appropriate and collect items to represent that energy.

4. Plan how you will visualize your goal and believe in what you see. The powers of the mind are only just now beginning to be explored by science. We have all heard stories of terminal patients who have healed themselves, and of faith healers who use belief to manifest miracle cures. Visualization uses that power to form mental pictures that are invested with personal energy and emotion. It is the soul that breathes life onto all magick, and the soul that is the most important element in its outcome. The moment you start visualizing the resolution of a magickal need is the moment you begin to create the changes in your deep mind necessary for the magick to manifest.

5. If you are working with advanced magic, you will need to prepare a long-range plan in accordance with the above guidelines. This will entail checking moon phases, laying in enough supplies for the duration of the spell, and planning how the energy can be sustained through each day.

6. Gather candles, stones, or whatever else you intend to use as a catalyst for your focus or to direct the energy you will raise. Empower those items with your personal energy by projecting into them the energy of your goal.  Keep in mind that these tools, including your cherished ritual tools, have no power in and of themselves. The power is not in the tools, but inside the Witch trained to use them. Without you, they are useless. They merely provide a way to focus your energy and a means for directing it towards its goal.

7. Decide upon your "words of power," the words or chants you will use to help focus and raise energy. You may write them out, or simply remember key phrases you wish to use as you improvise. Some Witches like to create simple
poems so they will be easier to remember.

8. If you wish to use a special deity or mythic figure in your magick, decide on which one or ones, and how you will evoke, invoke, and/or honor them. You
may wish to write out special prayers or blessings and memorize them.

9. Decide when you want to do the spell. This can be any time you personally need the magick, at the time when you coven regularly meets, or you may wish
to take into consideration moon phases and/or other astrological influences.   If your life is as busy as most's people's today, you may have to choose the only night when you will be free and alone. The timing is much less important than the energy you bring to the spell.

10. At the appropriate time, gather what you will be using and go to the place where you will perform the spell. This can be at your altar, indoors, or outdoors, at your coven meeting site, or anywhere else that feels appropriate, comfortable, and private.

11. Cast your circle and, if you like, call the quarters, or do as you would when opening up any other ritual. If you are using advanced magickal techniques you will definitely need to employ these visualizations to be effective.

12. Your magick is now beginning in earnest. Invite whatever elementals,  faeries, spirits, or deities you wish to have present as you work. They should always be welcome, but they are not necessary for spellwork.

13. Clear your mind and begin visualizing your goal. This is probably the most important step in the spell-casting process and you should invest the mental image with as much energy as you can muster. Recall your need and make your emotional connection with it as deep as you can, on as many levels as possible.

14. Raise energy within yourself and pour it into the magickal object(s) in whatever way feels right to you. This can be done as a mental projection, through dance or song, or intense visualization.

15. Do whatever physical actions your spell requires. Some need no special actions, but many require some basic movement, even if it is only lighting a candle. Use your words of power, light your candles, bury your herbs, mentally charge your stones, and/or raise your cone of power.

16. Take advantage of natural phenomena that can help you raise energy. A storm, for instance, is an excellent source of energy that any Witch can draw upon to help feed a spell. Allow yourself to become part of the storm and feel yourself physically drawing on its vast stores of energy as you seek to raise your own energies or cone of power.

17. When you feel you have put as much energy into the spell as you possibly can, send the energy out to do your will. You can visualize this as a cone of power being sent out, or use any other mental image you like. Body language helps, too. Relax, throw up your arms, raise a tool, kneel, send out a cone of power, or do whatever else makes you feel the energy go forth. Be sure to
direct it out from you visually as well.

18. You should finish your spell with words such as the traditional "So Mote It Be." Mote is an obsolete word for "must". The phrase is synonymous with "Amen," "So It Is," and "It Is Done". It is a statement of completion and an affirmation that you know your magick is successful. All magick is worked from the point of view that the desired goal is already manifest - it will not come to be, but IT IS. Always phrase your magickal desires in the present tense; for example, "I have love in my life now," or "My bills are now paid in full." Talking of magick happening in the future will keep it forever in the future, always just out of reach.

19. Meditate briefly on your goal. Again, visualize it as already manifest. Smile, breathe a sigh of relief, and know the magick is already at work for you.

20. Thank and dismiss all faeries, spirits, and deities who have come to witness or aid in your magick.

21. Ground your excess energy into the earth and open your circle. Excess energy, raised during your spell work but not full sent away from you when you sent it to do its job, lingers on and around you. The best way to ground this excess is to place your hands, palms side down on the earth, into a bowl of soil, or on the floor of your home. Physically and psychically feel the excess energy draining out of you. Know that it is being absorbed and dispersed into mother earth.

22. If you have ritualized your spell, dismiss your quarters or do whatever other endings your rituals traditionally require. If you are working your magick with a coven this is standard practice.

23. Record your spell in your Magickal Diary or Book Of Shadows with the date, time, weather conditions, and any astrological data you wish to include. This will be useful later when you have done enough spells to look for patterns. For example, you may see that your most efficacious spells were done on Sundays or when it was cloudy or snowing, or when you had faeries present, worked with a particular deity, burned green candles, or when the moon was full. Everyone has different affinities, These patterns will help you pick the best times for your spellwork.

24. Back up your desire on the physical plane. This is a must. For example, if you have done a spell for healing don't avoid seeing your doctor. You will need all the help at your disposal to overcome your illness, and magick and medical science make great partners.  Until you achieve your magickal goal you should spend some time each day focusing on it by clearly visualizing it as a fait accompli. These added boosts of daily energy can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Lady of the Night
Edain McCoy

Job Spells


To Win a Job

Before you go to your job interview, you will need a green candle, a banknote, and a paperclip.

Light the candle and show both sides of the banknote to the flame.  Fasten the note to the back of a photograph of yourself. Blow out the candle.

Carry your photo, with the note attached, in your handbag or wallet during your interview.

Herbal charms kept in your pocket or purse are good ways to carry magick with you during interviews or while job seeking. Sprinkle a little sage, lavender, dill, basil and parsley into a green cloth and add a tigers eye chip or small stone. Tie with a golden ribbon. Carry this to magnetize prosperity while you radiate wisdom and knowledge.

Take applications home with you whenever possible. After you have filled them out, raise energy and charge then with the intent of drawing the right job/position to you.

Draw or paint the runes Ansuz, Tir and Mannaz over your heart with a non-toxic
marker (or eyeliner even) before you get dressed to go to an interview. Allow to
dry first before dressing (of course) and perhaps put a light shirt or slip between your clothes and skin. [I would even say that you could create a talisman with these runes instead of drawing them on yourself and carry that close to your heart or wear in a pouch if you chose.] These runes enable clear communications and will encourage others to come to your aid. These runes also, when drawn on the phone, will invite good news to come over the wire.

Job Spell  1

This is best begun on the night of the New Moon:Use an astral candle for
yourself - your color, A brown candle for the job itself,A green candle for prosperity

Burn a prosperity incense and annoint the candles with a
prosperity oil - I would use cinnamon. Annoint from wick to end.
These candles should be in a safe place, they have to burn out entirely. Place the brown candle in the center, the green on the right, and the astral on the left.
Light the astral :
I ask for change,that is my right, open The way, clear my sight.
Light the green :
Good luck is mine and prosperity, help me Great Ones, come to me.
Light the brown :
Opportunity,work, rewards I see, And as I will So Mote it Be.
Say the above as you light the candles. Leave these to burn out completely and dispose of the wax afterwards.

Each night, for a week, or until the candle is used up,
light a second brown candle for 9 minutes while meditating and gaining
balance in preparation for the job and the good to come. During this
time period, Actively seek a job. Listen to your intuition and follow up
on all leads.
(Unknown source )

Job Spell 2


Use an astral candle for yourself - your color
A brown candle for the job itself
A green candle for prosperity
Burn a prosperity incense and anoint the candles with a prosperity oil - I
would use cinnamon. Anoint from wick to end. These candles should be in a
safe place, they have to burn out entirely.

Place the brown candle in the center, the green on the right, and the astral
on the left.

Light the astral :

I ask for change,
that is my right,
open the way,
clear my sight.

Light the green :

Good luck is mine and prosperity, help me Great Ones, come to me.

Light the brown :

Opportunity, work, rewards I see, And as I will So Mote it Be.

Say the above as you light the candles. Leave these to burn out completely
and dispose of the wax afterwards. Each night, for a week, or until the
candle is used up, light a second brown candle for 9 minutes while
meditating and gaining balance in preparation for the job and the good to

During this time period, Actively seek a job. Listen to your intuition and
follow up on all leads


Job Spell 3

On this night and in this hour a call upon the ancient powers, with perfect
love and perfect trust casting now and cast I must.
As above and so below I make this magick circle grow. I ask for the power from
the divine add the worlds great power to mine.
This circle is cast to create a place between worlds a place where mortal men
and the mighty spirit may meet.
I cast this circle with a ring of three, let universal power flow through me!
I cast ye, I cast ye, I cast ye.
This circle is sealed!

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the East I ask the to keep a
gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of air - bring
your winds of change
to this circle here tonight.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the South I ask the to keep a
gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of Fire - burn
away my regrets
and shine your gentle rays upon me for growth.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the West - I hail to Sekhmet,
goddess of war I ask the to guard my circle here tonight. I summon the forces
of water
wash over me and cleanse me of all negativity and purify my thoughts.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the North I ask the to keep a
gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of earth let your
strength open new paths before me.

I ask that the planets be on my side in my work tonight

I am here this night to ask for my tools to be filled with Divine power and
for the goddess help with my Career path for the future. May I not lose my
present job till
another is secure may this spell harm non

I call to
Isis queen of the south, Queen of the gods I invite you here tonight
and ask for your help in my endeavours in this circle here this night.

I align myself with
Isis. I align myself with Isis. I align myself with Isis.

Place finger in the salt and water

I consecrate thee as a tool of magick blessed be!

I charge thee with power in the name of the goddess

So mote it be!

Repeat for the candle

I light this candle in the name of
Isis let her great power fill this circle.
This is her colour and the colour of my of my spell. Blessed be!

Taking up the item that you wish to consecrate, hold it high in salute and

God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of All life. Here do I
present my personal tool(s) for your approval. As it serves me so shall it
server you.

Place the tool on the altar and think back to what you did to personalise it.
Dip your fingers in the salted water and sprinkle both sides of the object.
Now, pick it up
and hold it in the smoke of the incense, turning it, Say:

May the Sacred Water and the smoke of this Holy flame drive out any impurities
in this (name of object) that it be pure and cleansed, ready to serve me and
the gods
in any way I desire. So mote it be.

Hold it between the palms of your hands and concentrate all of your energies
(your power) into it. Then, Say:

I charge this (name of object) through me, with the wisdom and might of the
God and Goddess. May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in
service, in all things. So mote it be.


I write in a language of old so the divine may hear me. I write of the Career I wish to be fetched to me. Show it to me - bring it to me!

I burn this paper and the words upon it so that my request will become a reality.

I light this paper with the flame of the goddess.

As the paper burns and the ashes appear bring to me my future career! Repeat
till the paper is burnt.

As these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell take form - as these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell take shape - as these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell be reality!

So mote it be!

Thank all -
Isis, elements, nesw Sekhmet, west.

This circle is open but not broken - let the power of the goddess fill me be
part of me give me strength and wisdom so I may for fill all that is needed of
me. with perfect love and perfect trust I set this circle free. Release the power with in and let all that I have asked for Be!

Thank you all

"To help your chances getting job, fill a flannel green mojo bag with some
gravel root on a night when the moon is waxing and/OR in the in the sign of
Virgo or
Capricorn. Seal the bag; concentrate and charge it, and wear it on your belt
or necklace, or carry it in your pocket or purse evertime you fill out an
employment application or go to a job interview."



Removal of Negativity/Job Resume Spell


Done during waning moon. Light a white healing candle. ( Removal of Negativity)
You can also do it on the New Moon.

Mother Moon of gracious sky,
Take away my fear and fright.
Take away all negative statements
from past employers on this Résumé.
Light it up and make it stand out,
That I may qualify and not be ruled out.
If this job is meant for me, Give me strength and integrity,
I shall take it on with glee.
On my honor, I shall make you proud.
I shall never forget all your help.
As I have willed, So mote it be.
I deeply thank thee.

Blow the candle out to send the magick out to do your bidding. ( on the New
Moon snuff it) It is most important to thank our Goddess for the Job when you get it.
Copyright(c) By: Dea Miller


Love Spells


To Send a Though of Love



-white candle

-picture of the person your sending the thought to


Cast Circle

Light candle and incense


God and Goddess of the universe

I send this thought to (full name of person)

Send it on currents of love

To the mind of my love

Stare into the eyes of the person in the picture and think about what you want to tell that person.

Do this as long as you feel necessary.

Close Circle



A Talisman for Love


To make a talisman to draw new love into your life you will need a Moon-drenched night, preferably during a Full Moon, and a needle and thread and some pink or red felt. Swe the felt into a small pouch, and place items magically charged to draw love- love letters, your nail clippings, song lyrics, and love herbs such as vanilla, rue, myrtle, violet, rose, apricot, apple, yarrow, rosemary, thyme, meadowsweet, lemon, dragon's blood, clove, or dill. A rose or clear quartz crystal may also be added. Sew up the pouch while the light of the Moon washes over it and say: "By my hands the spell is begun; love comes to me through what I have

done." Rededicate the talisman at each Full Moon and carry it with you until you find the love you seek.

by Edain McCoy



Sexual Attraction Spell


To increase sexual attraction, cast this spell when the Moon is waxing, and during the season at or near Beltane or the start of Lammas. To begin, girdle your thigh with a green garter. Become an Aphrodite(entranced by thoughts of love) as you place this erotic symbol about your limb, and light a pink or green candle in honor of the beauteous goddess, saying: "Venus, Astarte, Inanna, Ishtar, may your power be compounded in this garter I wear." Imagine the ancient impetus to merge and procreate summarized on your thigh, spreading its irresistible aura about your person. Now say: "Let only those I choose perceive this charm." After all, you do not want every Tom, Dick and Harriet harassing you. Concentrate until you feel your allure. Establish your magnetism with a confident smile.

by Kala Trobe



To Maintain Unconditional Love of Lover and Family

Every Full Moon light a white (blessing) and a pink (happiness) and black
candle in gratitude to the Fates. View the Moon before you light them, then

The kind Fates have blessed my home,
The kind Fates have blessed my heart,
The kind Fates have blessed my loved ones,
I offer thanks with a humble heart.
I thank the Goddess for my life,
I thank the Goddess for my love.
I thank the Goddess for continued blessings
already on their way.

Blessed be.

Also burn some high-quality incense, the best you have. Do this each month
to make your good fortune last.

Italian Passion Spell


Use this spell to attract someone who desires you, yet is shy in expressing their feelings. Start by melting some red candle wax and molding it in the shape of a phallus if you are female, or a womb if you are male. Once the wax is dry, sensuously anoint the candle with olive oil, as if you were attending your lover,

thinking hard on the intimacy you desire as you do so. Light the candle. Now, write your lover's name three times on a piece of white paper, and burn it in the flaming wick, praying that your lover will come to you. While the paper burns, recite your lover's name out loud three times, then blow out the candle. Try to

patiently for your lover to respond to your magic.

by Marguerite Elsbeth



Yin Yang Witch Love Spell


This is one of the most delicate spells that exists. The first rule of order with any spell is not to manipulate anyone. This spell will not work if you have anyone specific in mind. It is utterly important that you perform this spell with a pure heart, and mind. Karma can be a charming, generous friend, or a wicked beast. It is all up to you! This is not a 'sex' spell, this a spell for someone who wishes to begin a loving relationship, with a compatible mate.


The Ingredients:


One light colored candle to represent the male. (yang, suggested color, white.)


One dark colored candle to represent the female. (yin, suggested color, black.)


One pink candle for the magic. (must be pink!)


At least one flower. (roses, gardenias, daisies, tulips.)


Some kind of food offering. (apple, berries, sugar, cinnamon)


A chalice of wine, or juice. (red wine, red grape juice)


A crystal. (rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz)


Herbs: Lavender, cardamom, spearmint, yarrow, aloe, catnip, clove, lotus, mandrake, chili pepper. (use at least three of the herbs suggested.)


A red or pink cloth as big as your hand, and a white string.


The Spell


Gather together your tools in a dark quiet space. Follow the beginning meditation on the Spell Craft page. Make sure you are comfortable and your candles are at a safe distance from flammable materials.


At this time address your 'spiritual power', what you may call god, and or goddess. Ask 'it'/'them' to come into your space, and assist you with this magical rite. Address them verbally, from your hearts center. At this time, carve a heart symbol in the pink candle, and any other symbols that represent love to you. On the candle (male or female) that represents you carve your astrological symbol and your initials. On the other candle carve a Venus or mars symbol (O+,0->). Conjure love in your heart as you light the pink spell candle. Think of yourself in a happy relationship as you light the candle that corresponds to you. Envision a loving mate as you light the last candle. Pause for a moment and drink in the wonderful scene you have created. Mix your herbs in a mortar, or in a bowl with your hands. Meditate on your new partnership, the feelings of love, the activities you will share, things that make you joyous. This should take you at least 15 minutes. If you are untrained at meditation, please be patient, and take your time. It is also good to chant as you do this.


"Candle Glow, Night wind blow, Moon light show, My love to flow."


When you are finished, wrap your herbs in the cloth, and tie it with the string. This string should have 6 knots (the number of Venus). Draw the symbols of Venus and mars on the 'sachet' you have just made.


Now is the time to give your offerings to 'spirit'. Hold the vessel that contains your offerings above your head. With enthusiasm verbally give your thanks, and offer up your gifts, with sincerity. Drink half the wine (juice) out of your chalice. You may wish to do the chanting again, or continue with the closing of the rite. Thank the 'spirit' for assisting you in this rite, and say "Go if you must, stay if you will. I release you." Then pinch the candles out. See the Spell Craft page for the  losing. After the rite is done, leave your offerings outside, in a grassy area. If this is impossible wrap them in a paper bag, and lay them in a garbage can outside. May your magic be fruitful!


"May love enter your door, and reside evermore."


Sweet Bottle Spell


On a popsicle stick, write your full name. On the other side of the
popsicle stick, write anothers person's full name. Get a jar big enough to
put the popsicle stick inside and fill the jar with water, honey and sugar.
Seal up the lid of the jar tight so that its contents can't spill out. In
your mind get a clear image of the person whose name you have written on the
popsicle stick opposite your own. Shake the bottle as you chant three,
five, seven or nine times;
Sweet, sweet,
thoughts of me,
you will think,
It is said that each time you shake the bottle, the person will think sweet
thoughts of you.



Love and Admiration Oil

To make an oil that will help attract the attention of others, mix together twenty drops of synthetic musk, two drops of jasmine, and one drop of ylang ylang in a small bottle and leave where the full moonlight can strike it for three nights. Be sure to bring it inside before the Sun can find it. Meanwhile, leave a rose petal, a small piece of crystal quartz, and 1/8teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in a place where the Sun can see them, making sure to move them before moonlight can strike them. On the forth day, mix together the two sets of ingredients and leave in a dark place. Wear when you wish to draw love and admiration to yourself. It will also enable your employers to see what they love about your work for them.

by deTraci Regula



A Stone Attraction Spell


Take any stone. Hold it in your projective hand for several minutes while

visualizing your need. Flood the stone with your need and with your emotional involvement with your need. Send power out from your body to the stone. Use your visualization to see it streaming into the rock. Then throw the stone into running water. It is done.


Simple Stone Spells

Copyright © 1988 by Scott Cunningham


Spell to keep your lover from Straying


Take two long Red Table candles, set them 6 inches away from each other.

Anoint each one with patchouli oil.

Light them and chant.

I light these candles in belief that all things are ment to be.

With this spell we shall become spirits of one and this spell shall not be un done, Unless by our free wills.

I hear by move these candles closer together in representation of (name) and I moving closer together, if it is of (names) free will.

If we are ment to be within the same circle it shall be.

This is my will, so mote it be.

Let the candles burn down 1/3 rd of the way and repeat this ritual 2 more times.

within the waxing moon.  When all is burned down, Place the combine wax together in a double boiler and melt them together and make One Candle.


Stone Love Spell


Go to a place that contains many water-worn stones. Look for a large, flat

rock while visualizing yourself being involved with the perfect mate.


On this rock mark with red ink two intertwined hearts. As you do this, keep

the visualization in mind.


When you are finished, bury the stone in the earth in an uncultivated place.


Vervain Spell


.............................Aristotle and folklore

The Legend:

Used in an ancient love potion as recorded by Aristotle. Also an old custom

was to steep Vervain in hot water, strain the liquid of the herb, and add

the cleared liquid to other water used to clean the home or as a spray.

This brew was known as the Brew of Juno or Juno's Brew, and its use was to

rid the premises of evil spirits and malignant forces. The dry vervain was

also carried as a charm.



New Love Tarot Spell


To attract new love, anoint a pink candle and ourselves with rose oil.  Place

a rose quartz in front of the candle, and the Ace of Cups, the Page of Cups,

and the Lovers card from your favorite tarot deck left to right in front of

the quartz.  Following your breath, light the candle, saying three times:

"Gentle love, come to me.  Lift the veil so I can see."  Without visualizing

a specific person, imagine the soft, romantic, nurturing beginnings of a new

love.  After fifteen minutes, extinguish the candle and walk away.  Begin on

the first Friday of the New Moon and perform every night until Full Moon,

letting the candle burn all the way down on the last day.

Cerridwen Iris Shea



The Love-Bath Spell


Start this spell on a Friday evening at seven o’clock by adorning your bathroom with one red rose in a water-filled vase and seven pale green candles. Run the bath water, and honor Venus by adding to it one cup of sweet amber honey, one cup of pink wine, a splash of rose-scented perfume, and several drops of myrtle and clover essential oils. Next, get undressed, light the candles, turn off the light, and enter the tub. Allow the warm delicious water to soothe your muscles and your spirit. Imagine that your lover finds you beautiful, impossible to resist, and ready to submit to your charms. When the visualization is complete, drain the water from the tub and stand under a cool shower. This will further magnetize your body, and draw your lover to you.

by Marguerite Elsbeth


Dill Spell

....................medieval folklore
The Legend:
Said to be an ingredient of a love potion; dill was steeped in hot wine
which when drunk was claimed to excite the passions.



Prosperity Spells


Silver Dollar Spell


To promote happiness and prosperity, take four silver dollars, bearing the current year if possible, and place them face up on the ground at the four corners of your home. Along with the coins, place some rue and vervain, a sprig of wheat, a few raw corn kernels, and a few pink or red rose petals. As you bury these things, say: "Bright coins, bless this house. Replace our worries with happiness and prosperity!" Do this during the waxing Moon for best results.

by Lori Bruno


Prosperity Scroll


SUPPLIES: One-inch wide strip of parchment paper that is three feet

long; a green-inked pen; your favorite incense.


INSTRUCTIONS: Draw the astrological sign of Taurus at the top of the

strip. Write on the paper: "Holy Mother, manifest what I place upon

this list." Make a list of what you desire on the paper (you will have a

lot of extra space - that's okay). Roll the paper tightly into a little

scroll. Pass the list over the incense, repeating the above charm nine

times. Place the scroll in your purse, wallet, on your altar, by your

desk, etc., wherever you can add to it when you desire or hold in

your hand and repeat the charm when you feel like it. When the paper is

full and you have received all that you asked for, thank Rosemerta, burn

the paper, and being a new list.



* Perform at Lammas or when the moon is in Capricorn if the items you

listed are those that you've worked on and your are ready to reap the


* Perform when a project is lagging and needs an extra boost when the

moon is in Aries.

Perform during the new or full moon.


A Wealth Spell


By Nigel Jackson and Silver Ravenwolf
This spell is intended to attract prosperity to an individual and promote fortune on
economic levels. It focuses on the Consecration of an actual coin with the power of the Rune Feoh and the Principle that "like attracts like." Correct use of this spell creates a state of abundant consciousness rather than a state of poverty. That way we are making a magnet for the good things in life, Including money. Warning: Misuse of this spell with negative intentions and greed may result in the spell becoming a curse instead of a blessing.

First you must choose a day.
Thursday Jupiter-money day, or Sunday Sun-success day
or you may choose Friday Freya's day (the chosen Goddess for this Spell)
Then Choose a Runic Hour suitable to your needs, Sunna or Freya.
Cover Your Altar with a gold or a red Cloth, Place the Feoh rune upon the altar between two yellow golden candles.
Place the coin in front of the rune. And with your Forefinger, Draw the sign of feoh over it.
Cast Your Circle and call the quarters in a clockwise direction, And repeat the following:
Come golden Fire of the rhine,
Along the path of the serpant
By freya's glowing tears,
By the golden Leaves of Glasir,
By the magick ring Draupnir,
By the shimmering hair of Sif.
In the glittering hoard of fafinr,
By the red-gold brisingamen:
Freya the fair hearken now--
May precious amber shower down,
And streams of gold flow hither,
enriching me with blessed gifts.
Mother habondia, Hearken now--
Abundance be my lot,
And wealth bright glory !
Then, concentrate on the rune feoh while imagining steams of gold flowing
into the circle towards yourself, And a cascade of golden coins showering down upon you. This visualization must be as vivid as possible in conjunction with the runic chant above.
End the spell by drawing the feoh sign over the coin again. You may carry the coin as a talismanic attractor, or leave it on your Alter to bring prosperity onto your doorstep. On completion of this spell add sybil leek's verse of protection: "may this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse."

Green Tea Spell


Green tea should be brewed and drunk on a new moon to increase your
monthly earnings. As you brew the tea, visualize the ways in which you can increase your income. Try to focus o short term goals as this is a spell that should be maintained on a monthly basis. Place a spoon in your glass and stir
the tea clockwise once your visualizations are clear. This will set them in motion


Prosperity Spell

You need: some money or pictures of cash, checks and jewels to be placed on
the altar drums for raising energy Put the money on the altar, not as an
object to worship but as a symbol to your deep mind of what you want to
obtain. You may wish to place a goddess statue or another religious symbol
behind the symbolic wealth, as a reminder that money is not after the
ultimate value. Then, stand up, and drum and chant to raise power. Your
chant can be something like : Wealth , wealth , come to me , I deserve
prosperity. As the power moves toward its peak , imagine a huge transparent
funnel over you, and huge amounts of cash , checks and other forms of
wealth cascading down through it to pile up around you. Give thanks for the
wealth which you know will be headed your way. Open the circle. Afterwards,
go seek a job if you don't have one or ask for a raise, and always give
money to charities. Soon prosperity will come to you.



Elemental Abundance Spell

 Each pool, stream, mountain, lake, rock, comet, well, star, tree,
flower, wee, and so on, has its own energy vibration, just as animals
and people do. Like vibrations melt together to create a collective
unconscious. In the elemental world, these collective energies are
known as the sylph's (air), the gnomes (earth), the salamanders (fire),
and the undines (water).
Moving through history we find that almost all cultures and
civilizations view earth, air, water, and fire as the four elements,
with this belief first put into focus by the Sumerians. The gnomes,
salamanders, sylphs, and undines were considered superhuman in nature,
born from the four rivers flowing from the belly of the Great Mother and
representing the four fluids of the diving feminine: water, blood,
honey, and milk, corresponding to water, fire, air, and earth,
respectively. Using this information, i created the following Elemental
Abundance Spell.
SUPPLIES: Four small bowls: fill one with water, one with dragons blood
herb (can substitute red powder or red pepper), one with milk, and one
with honey; a picture of yourself.
midday (when the sun is strongest), go outside and draw
a pentacle in the dirt, sand, or snow with your finger.
At the top of the star, place a representation of yourself (the
picture). Going clockwise, place the bowls in the following order:
Right arm of pentacle - east; air; honey. Right lower arm of pentacle -
south; fire; dragons blood. Left lower arm of pentacle - west; water.
Left upper arm of pentacle - north; earth; milk. As you say the
following words, touch each point containing the corresponding element
with your hands:
Spirit of myself, I call prosperity to myself.

Spirits of the north, by my will and desire,

I call forth the blessings of gnomes.

Spirits of the east, by my will and desire,

I call forth the blessing of the sylphs.

Spirits of the south, by my will and desire,

I call forth the blessing of the salamanders.

Spirits of the West, By my will and my desire,

I call forth the blessings of the undines.

Spirit of the life force, that which pulses and

Surrounds me, I ask for positive abundance

And prosperity in my life.  My choices and

Possibilities expand everyday.

Taken from the book "Silver's Spells for Prosperity"
~Silver Raven Wolf~


Money Spell


ITEMS NEEDED: A green incense (either stick or cone) and a green, gold, or
silver candle, plus a voided check, a light green piece of paper and dark
green marker or an actual piece of currency.

This is a very easy one, and may be a little.....strange but it works for me!

INSTRUCTIONS: Take the items to your computer (don't ask, I did it the first
time at the puter, and the second time, it just felt right, so I did it
again). Turn your computer on, and get online.

Light the candle (preferably taper, but doesn't "HAVE" to be, I used a taper
for the first and a votive for the second).
Light the incense stick/cone with the candle. (hint: it is easier with a
Visualize how much you need to get you "out of the hole".
Then, visualize the flame of the candle being either the dollar ammount you
need or just see it as the $$ symbol in the flame.
Chant "Money money come to me with harm to none so mote it be". 13 is my
lucky number, so I repeat it 13 times, you can use your lucky number or, just
do it until it feels right for you to stop.
Start checking your mail, playing an online game, cruise web sites, etc. In
other words, forget about it, put the spell out of your mind while you surf,
but let the candle and incense burn out completely.

After the candle has burned out, gather the remains (of the candle AND the
incense) and either the voided check with the ammount you need (you can leave
the "Pay to" line blank or make it out to yourself), an actual piece of
currency (dollar, quarter, whatever you use in your country) or a light green
piece of paper with dark green writing of the dollar ammount you need. Bury
them all together near your home, as close as possible to the front

Both times I have done this, we have recieved the money within a week, once
it was a VERY late b-day check of mine (my b-day is Jan. 20, I did the spell
in/and it came in June from my hubby's grandma) and once it was a check I had
been waiting on for 3 months from a friend who owed me money and I thought I
was never going to see again.

Mystique RisingSun



Spell to Increase Cash Flow


To increase your business cash flow, hold a piece of adventurine

in your dominant hand during the waxing Moon. Concentrate money

flowing into your business, and cast an enchantment through the

stone by saying: "Money come, money grow; increase my money

flow. Fill my cash box to the top; then may it never stop." Place

the stone in your cash register or bank bag.


by Dorothy Morrison


Sucess & Prosperity


Best done during the waxing Moon or on the Full Moon.


Have a green talisman bag and 3 silver coins.

Set cauldron on pentacle. Place a small dish inside cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon and cedar chips. Beside your cauldron, lay your wand down.


Tap each coin with your wand as you chant:

Glistening silver, coin of the Moon

Shiny and round, bring me a boon

Draw to my hands many more of your kind

Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind


Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs. Stir the air clockwise 7 times over the cauldron.



Earth elementals, cunning and bright,

With me chare your treasures here on this night

Share with me riches of silver and gold

Successes, prosperity, all I can hold.


Put the coins and herbs in the bag


Spell  to Obtain Money


green candle

basil (powdered)

vegetable oil


Inscribe a green candle with your name and the exact amount of money you need-no more, no less. Anoint the candle with vegetable oil and roll it in

powdered basil. Light it and say:


Money come and money grow.

Money's mine; to me it flows!


*From EVERYDAY MAGIC by Dorthy Morrison



A Money Philter


Used to attract wealth, food, clothing and all necessary goods.

* 1 tbsp Yellow Mustard Seeds

* 1 tbsp Mistletoe

* 1 tbsp Safflowers

* 1 tbsp Clover

* 10 Drops Sweet Orange Oil

* 10 Drops Sandalwood Oil

* 10 Drops Jasmine Oil

Bind the ingrdients together with:

* 1 tsp Myrrh

* 1 tbsp Frankincense

Mix all the ingredients together and focus your intentions on the purposeof

the spell. Cup your hands around the ingredients and charge the mixtureby

stating whatever you want it to accomplish. Say:I charge these herbs to bring

(state what you need)This spell assures that changes will bring gain and

benefit.I ask that this spell be correct and for the good of all.So Mote it

be!It is done. Pour the herbs into the earth. 



Prosperity for your Children


If your're worried about your children's financial well-being, during a

waxing Moon take ten new and shiny coins and place them in the pot of a

flourishing plant, then say this charm: Be not earth, pentacles bright, but

grow and redouble in the palms of my children; multiply in the hands of my

children's children.  Visualize each of your offspring burgeoning like the

plant itself.  Nest, place these coins in the palms of the three youngest

members of the family, envisioning as you do a continual supply of gold

passing into their lives.  Be sure every year to channel some of your own

lucre to your dependents to help fertilize their future.


by Kala Trobe


Easy Life Oil Spell

............................voodoo folklore
The legend: A voodoo belief on how to make life smooth and serene without
strife or lack of money was to use Easy Life oil (mix together two parts of
cinnamon and one part of chamomile and one part of peony. Add two
tablespoons of this herb mixture to two ounces of oil
tonka bean to each bottle of oil a ritual of candleburning. A
green candle was anointed or 'dressed'. as the voodooist would say, with
the oil, and burned for ten minutes each day for five consecutive days. On
the sixth day, five drops of oil were put on a piece of paper which was
burned to ashes in the flame of the
candle. The ashes were wrapped in a red cloth and kept as a form of charm
bag to complete the spell......



Money Drawing Oil Spell

.............................voodoo folklore
The legend;
Old New Orleans Voodoo was the birthplace of this green colored perfumed oil
called Money Drawing Oil (mix equal parts of the following: frankincense,
myrrh and sandlewood. Use two tablespoons of this mixture to two ounces of
oil. A bit of bayberry herb is added to each bottle of oil made) As the
name indicates, voodoo belief was that it draws money to its user. A few
drops were put on money; the thought being that after the money was spent,
it would return, in a sense, many fold.........


Basil Business Spell


Basil is well known as a money drawing herb. Here's a spell you can do on your lunch hour to bring money your way. To start, go to a Thai restaurant and order a dish that includes basil, hot chilies, and ideally coconut milk. There should be at least one such dish on any Thai menu. Order this dish during business lunches, or bring it back to work to eat in the lunchroom. If you own a business, let the scent of the basil dish waft through your workplace. Say aloud or to yourself: "Oh Basilia, Goddess of plenty, your rich green leaves bring us prosperity, health, and love. Help our business grow and prosper." Then, as a gesture to Basilia, buy a basil plant the next time you visit a garden shop. Keep it at work and keep it watered and healthy. Your business should thrive.

by Denise Dumars










Habit Breaking Spells



Spell to Curb Frivolous Spending


This is a very easy spell. Take one lemon and punch a hole with a pencil halfway through the fruit.

On a small piece of paper, write: "Please help me curb my frivolous spending habits without harming my prosperity or personal desires." Roll up the paper and put the scroll in the lemon. Tie the lemon with a black ribbon and hang near your kitchen window.

Taken from "Silvers Spells for Prosperity" by Silver Raven Wolf


To Break Bad Habits


With water colors or chalk, draw or write the bad habit on a piece

Of paper. Immediately take it out into the rain. Let the rain dissolve

and disperse the water colors or chalk. So shall your habit dissolve,

cleansed by the sanctifying rain.


To Free Yourself From Habits Ect.


If you wish to be free from a habit, thought, idea; if you wish to be rid

of past associations, guilt or blockages; take the symbols of that problem -

whatever they may be - & throw them onto a raging fire. The fire will consume

the symbols & so shall it consume the power they had over you.  For the

symbols think a moment - if you overeat, take a portion of your favorite food

& throw it onto the fire. Smoking, drinking the same. For problems which utilize no concrete objects, draw a symbol or image & burn.  For getting rid of things (like habits, houseguests, etc.), I always like to add a bath element. After your ritual, take a bath in the appropriate herbs/oil. During the bath, relax and focus on how your life will be without X. Wash X away from you. When you pull the plug, stay in the tub until the water has completely drained out, watching X go down the drain!!!



A Spell to help you eat less and become healthy


Time of month-

-Sunset on a Waning Moon- (full to new moon)

Tools: yellow candle with holder, rose petals, lavender oil, small garnets,

carnelian or turquoise stone, small jar with lid or plastic bag that seals,

picture of yourself healthy.


Charge yellow candle with desired goal and place in holder . As you light the candle, visualize yourself passing on second helpings of food, small portions on your plate and looking healthy and physically fit.


Charge rose petals, oil and stones.


Sprinkle petals around candle, again visualize your goal.


Place the charged garnet stones and a few drops of oil into the jar or bag.  As you do this visualize again.


Then pick up the petals and place them into the jar or bag also. Seal the jar or bag and say:

"By this jar/bag of powered oil, petals and stones, it will bring me courage and help me meet my goal to not eat or snack as much and become healthier."


Visualize yourself becoming healthier and moving the weight on the scale to the left.


Carry this jar or bag with you and sniff charged items before eating.


Rub the charged carnelian or turquoise on the picture of yourself then rub onto your body while visualizing yourself become the you in the picture. Say:

"In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects. So mote it be!"


Carry the stone with you and rub it when you have the urge to snack or eat too much.


Hang the picture up in your kitchen to view.


Allow the candle to burn for another hour then snuff it out and put away.  Burn it whenever you need the moral support





General Uses: Inspiring or banishing behavior patterns and customs. Changing tendencies and dispositions.


Timing: 1) Develop positive attributes waning, to full moon' moon in Leo or Sagittarius: Thursday or Saturday; the month of October. 2) Ridding negative attribute-waning moons; moon in Gemini, Capricorn, or Aries; Monday (for healing); the months of March and July.


Props/Focals: Representations of the habit or characterization. Items that can grow or be reduced according to your ultimate goal. Examples of this includes yeast bread dough, which rises to encourage positive attributes, or soda pop left to go flat, which reduces negative energy. Pone, nutmeg, ashes, and butterflies (transformations. The colors red or green,


Secondary Listings: Adaptation, Banishing, Choices, Dedication, Liberation, Overcoming, Versatility, and Victory.


Sample Spells: To develop a good habit, defrost a loaf of frozen bread dough. Knead in some nutmeg and any other edible that represents that action. For example, add apple slices to stimulate thoughtfulness before action. Once your ingredients are prepared, follow the directions for rising and baking as given on the package.


Add a verbal element either before cooking or eating. In this illustration, such an incantation accompanying baking might be: "Bread of earth, rise for me; with wisdom wrought my thought will be." Or, upon eating, try: "Wisdom within, wisdom without, let this magic come about."

(modified by keltie )

Bread of earth, rise for me; with wisdom wrought my thougts will be...

Teach me how to spend with care, Lift the load that I now bear..

Resolve & let the dollars in-flow, unnecessary spending I must slow..

Resources husband and not loose, allow me now to wisely use "


To give this spell an additional boost, carve a symbol of your goal into the bread before it bakes. The heat will activate your magical energy. I also heartily encourage making bread dough from scratch. Nothing beats the flavor, texture, and personal energy in homemade bread!

from Spinning Spells Weaving Wonders by P Telesco



Ginger Ale Habit Breaking Spell


During a waning moon, add three drops of green food coloring to a bottle of ginger ale. Recap it securely, put the bottle beneath the lunar beams, and say," ____is not a part of me, when the moon is dark, I will be freed." Fill in the blank with the name of the negative habit being banished.


From that night until the new moon, drink a little of the ginger ale every day, focusing on your intention to change. Remember that breaking bad habits is not just a magical endeavor, but also a function of your own will and honest desire.


A Charm to Break a Troublesome Habit


You must take a white egg, and through small holes made in each end, blow

forth the contents from the shell. Plug up one end with a little softened beeswax, then fill the shell, using a  fine funnel, with sour red wine.

Carefully seal the second hole with more wax, and in red ink write upon the surface of the shell the name of that plaguing compulsion you would be rid of. Take this egg in secret to a place where great rocks cover the ground.

Stand there and say these words:

"Hall of blood where life has fled

Walls of bone that close me round

I break thy reign, thy yolk I shed

I cast thy powers to the ground."

Hurl the egg against a rock so that it shall burst into fragments and the contents be spilt upon the earth. Then gather up the broken bits of shell, take them home, and grind them into a powder in a mortar. This charmed dust should be kept within a small jar, a pinch of it to be placed on the tongue and swallowed whenever further treacherous temptations may appear.

From the book: Crone's Book Of Charms & Spells by Valerie Worth

The Ten Dollar Spell


You can use any monetary denomination you desire for this spell. For purposes of creating good credit history I've used ten dollars, but you could use twenty or even a hundred. You don't have to relegate this spell to financial troubles either. Those of you who are doing just fine can massage the information and make the energies work for your own needs.

SUPPLIES: One ten-dollar bill; a black votive candle; a green candle; your credit cards; spring water; a pinch of cinquefoil; one nail; one piece of tinfoil.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the wick off the top of the black candle, flip the candle and dig out the wick (from the bottom end) so you can burn the candle from this opposite end. (This is called "flipping the candle" and the technique is used to reverse negative effects.) Heat the end of the nail and melt a small hole in the new bottom of the black candle. Stuff the candle hole with cinquefoil. Melt shut. (This is called "loading a candle") Hold the candle tightly in your hands, and say;


Negativity I reverse today.

Bad spending habits go away.

I have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to stay.

I know that I will be okay.

With harm to none, so mote it be!


On a Thursday in the hour of Jupiter, wrap your credit cards once with tin foil, sprinkle with cinquefoil, then wrap again. Cleanse the ten-dollar bill with the four elements to remove any negativity from yourself or previous owners. Place the ten-dollar bill in the center of your magickal working area. Lay the foil packet over the top. Put the black candle on top of the foil packet. Say three times;

As this candle burns, I diminish my credit card debt to a running balance of ten dollars and ten dollars only.

Then repeat the verse listed in the instructions portion of this spell. Allow the candle to burn completely. Keep your credit cards over the ten-dollar bill as long as possible or until the balance on each card is only ten dollars.

Taken from "Silvers Spells for Prosperity" by Silver Raven Wolf


Protection Spells


Protection, The Five Pebbles


Go to a moving brook or stream. While standing in the water and facing downstream, remove five small pebbles from the stream bed As you do this,

visualize your need for protection.


As your hand closes over the pebbles, see them beaming out protective

energies. Just as the pebbles are hard and have weathered for eons, so too

will they strengthen your protective shield.


Now carry them at all times for protection. If you wish, place them in a

small pouch or a fold of cloth, or incorporate them into some form of jewelry.


House Protection/Cleansing


The rituals/spells I am posting today come from The Magical Household by
Scott Cunningham and David Harrington.

First, before you move any possessions into your new dwelling, you should do
a purification spell. I'm sure everyone has a spell like this listed somewhere,
but if you need one, say the word and I'll pass a few onto you.

Moving on a Monday is thought to bring you fewer nightmares and increase
psychic awareness.
Moving on a Tuesday bestows sharper perception and intellectual powers to
those in the house.
Moving on a Wednesday raises passions of all kinds.
Moving on a Thursday will allow money to flow in the front door.
Moving on a Friday marks the existence of much love in the new home and a
harmonious atmosphere.
Moving on a Saturday is sometimes thought of as "bad luck". But it's a good
day to move into an older house or building.
Moving on a Sunday promises that all actions in the new home will prosper,
good luck will flow into the house and the light of reason will shine within it.

When vacating a house, always leave some money in it (no matter how small
the amount). This will ensure good luck to the next tenants.

Never move a broom from one house to another. It will bring your last residence's bad luck and dirt to your new home. (This doesn't pertain to decorative brooms or those reserved solely for magickal use, only those actually used to sweep floors.) If, for some reason, you must move an ordinary broom, put it into the new house thru an open window, and the ill luck will be deterred. *I wish I had done this because my old broom could have been used to sweep the outside deck. Instead I got rid of it and bought a new broom.*

If you experience a delay in moving your possessions into your new home, cross a new mop and broom on its doorstep. Assuming the broom and mop have never
been used, this practice will guard the home until you can move in.

On the day you take up residence in your new home, throw a handful of salt into
the house upon first entering it. Also, open a shutter that faces East (if there is one), and the home will be guarded against destruction from storms.

Bury 3 shiny new pennies under your front porch. This will ensure wealth to all
those within the house. *We did this one. So far, so good.)

Before moving to your new home, place a bit of dirt from your former property in
your shoes. Leave it there until you are in the new place, and good times will
be had within it.

To ensure good luck, take a slip, cutting, or bulb from a plant at the old house
and place it in your new garden. (Moving house plants from the old place to
the new satisfies this custom.)


Spell for Protection


5 drops of patchouli oil

3 drops of frankincense oil

3 parts sandalwood powder to 2 parts myrrh, and four nails of any size.


Charge the nails and put the into a small black drawstring

bag. Iron nails diffuse harm and have been used by witches for such

purposes since early times. If you could, nail them into the four

corners of a window or door in your room



Spell to Protect Yourself From Attack


Say the following three times:


Two wicked eyes have overshadowed meSpell to Protect Yourself From Attack

Say the following three times:

Two wicked eyes have overshadowed me
But three other eyes overshadowed them
Maiden, Mother, Crone
They watch my flesh, my blood, my bone.

*From American Folk Magic by Silver RavenWolf

But three other eyes overshadowed them

Maiden, Mother, Crone

They watch my flesh, my blood, my bone.


*From American Folk Magic by Silver RavenWolf



Simple Protection Spell



~a picture of the one you wish to protect or their name written on a piece of virgin paper

~a container large enough to hold the picture

~consecrated salt



Write the name of the person on the picture or paper, add any symbols or words you wish to personalize your feelings toward the person or add meaning to the spell.

Place the picture in the container you have chosen.

Pour consecrated salt around the picture as you say

"Protect this person from all harm, for he/she is of my heart" Now meditate a moment and picture them surrounded by white light.

Place the container with the picture inside on an altar or anywhere it can remain undisturbed while the person is in need of protection.

When the spell is no longer needed, remove the picture and sprinkle the salt outside onto the earth.


Protection Spell

Charge a small stone of Saturn correspondence to carry with you as a charm of protection- black tourmaline, Apache tears, or snowflake obsidian. Or find any dark colored stone in the earth that feels solid, stable, and strong to you. Find a quiet outdoor place and sprinkle a circle of salt on the ground, large enough for you to sit inside, and hold your chosen stone. Close your eyes; ground and center, drawing Earth energy within you. Visualize rings of energy swirling around the Saturn stone you hold, building and increasing yo surround and emanate from you. Within the rings you are strong, solid, secure, and shielded from harm. In the future, whenever you feel the need for extra protection, hold your stone to assist you.

by Maria Kay Simms


Thumb Holding Spell

.....................English Folklore
The legend:
An ancient spell to outwit a bewitching witch is to hold the right thumb in
the left hand while at the same time the left thumb is held by the right
hand. This was done at the moment one felt under attack of malignant


To Bind a Trouble Maker


BEST TIME: Waning Moon


Situate the cauldron between 2 black candles, with a third black candle

opposite you on the far side of the altar. Burn a protection or binding

incense. Have the names of your enemies written on a small piece of

parchment. If the names are unknown, merely write all my enemies. Sprinkle

basil and elder flowers into the cauldron. Say:


Bubble, bubble, cauldron bubble

Burn the evil, destroy the trouble.

Ignite the parchment from the central candle and drop into the cauldron.

Take up the wand and stir the air above the cauldron while chanting:


Darkness ended, control is done.

Light has come. My battle's won.

Take the ashes and herbs outside. Throw them up to the winds and the Moon.


Basil Spell

..................Hindu and Voudoun folklore
The Legend:
The Hindus consider basil a divine herb, and invoke its aid to bring
protection and good fortune by placing small amounts in each room of the
house. Voodooists invoke the help of the Love Goddess Erzulie in affairs of
the heart by sprinkling small amounts of basil on the food. It may be that
they consider this a means of joining their gros-bon-ange (meta-physical
soul) with the essense of Ersulie.


Spell for Safety


When feeling unsafe, say the guardian angel prayer: "Angel of Life, my guardian dear. To whom sweet love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide."

by Therese Francis


Healing Spells


Getting Rid of Cramps Spell

To get rid of premenstrual cramps, add three to five drops of ylang ylang essential oil to a cup of hot water. As you do so, imagine standing under a waterfall, smelling the fragrant ylang ylang herb. Sip the tea and continue to imagine yourself under the warm waterfall. As the water streams over your body, let it wash away the cramps.

by Therese Francis



Spell to Cure Sickness


(cold, flu, bronchitis, etc.)

Work this spell about an hour before you go to bed, since the bath will make

you tired, and will relax you for a good night's sleep.


You need:

1 blue candle

1 oz. powdered ginger

5-10 drops eucalyptus oil (no more than this!)

Run a hot bath (but not TOO hot, or you'll never sleep!). Add the ginger and

the eucalyptus oil.

Light the blue candle and turn out the lights. Enter the bathtub, and soak in

the bathwater. Feel the waters cleansing you of the toxins in your body.

Visualize the sickness in you as dirt that your body has absorbed, and is

being pulled out of your skin. While visualizing, say:

Isis, Goddess who heals all Release this (cold, flu, etc.) from me Make me

well again.

Chant this as you feel the toxins leaving your body. When you feel slightly

shaky (this will happen!), drain the tub and visualize the toxins washing

down the drain. Rinse your body and your tub with cool water, visualizing all

of the toxins washing off of your body, and your body becoming free of what

you were sick with. Bring the candle to your room and immediately go to bed,

keeping the candle lit for a few minutes as you visualize yourself waking up

feeling much better.


*Note: If you need to, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cotton pad and

put it by your pillow. This helps a lot! *



Angel Healing Spell


Before beginning a healing spell always say:


"Spirit, please assist in this healing for………… If they are to receive this

healing energy Then guide my thoughts and words to them If they are not to

receive this healing energy

Please give the energy to someone else Who is in need. You know best."


Take a picture, statue or any symbol of an angel. Cleanse and consecrate it,

then empower it in the name of healing. Ask the angel of healing, or your

Guardian angel to help the sick person. Tell them that you are giving this

as a gift to the sick person and ask for their blessing and healing energy on

that person and the angel.

(Silver Ravenwolf)


Fast Acting Healing Spell


Place both of your hands on both of your ears and summon all of your energy.

Visualize the energy(in a color that isn't clear or black) coming out of your

ears and into your hands. Then, take your hands and rub them counter-clockwise

on your temples three times while chanting "Maiyor". After that, place your

hands on your ankles and summon all of your remaining energy. Once again,

picture the energy as a color that is not clear or black, flowing out of your

body and into your hands. While rubbing your ankles three times in a

counter-clockwise motion chant "Molaris". Then, place your hands on the hurt

area(usually good for muscles that ache and are tired) and chant"Sultanar".



Egg Spell to Banish Illness


As this is a banishing spell, perform it on a dark or full moon on a



Hold an egg in your hand. Write on it with a black marker "Banish illness

from......(person's name)......"

Rub the egg over the person's body, envisioning the illness entering the egg

and leaving the body. (If you can't rub it over the actual person, draw a

stick figure on a piece of paper and write the person's name on top). Rub

the egg onto this saying:

.....(person's name)...... Within, without Up and down

I banish the illness All around.


When you have finished, throw the egg in a living body of water, asking the

element of Water to take the illness away from the person.

(Silver Ravenwolf)


Healing Spell


( also used as strength spell.)

Hold a white candle in you hands ( the bigger the candle the more energy will

flow) and feel the energy flow into it. When it is full, light it.

Then say 9x's when the moon is full.

"Blessed Mother of the earth, hold me near, remove my hurt. Give me strength to carry on, Hear oh' Mother my blessed song. With you love so pure and true, take the strings that bind me too. With harm to no one, bless me too. In your love I know is truth."

Let the candle burn until you feel well and strong.

Then poor wax on base of tree. It gives back to the earth and protects the tree from cold. The tree will flourish next spring.



To Banish Illness


Say these words:


"Let all illness

Be cast from me

Cleansed of all impurity

Free from all wrongs

I may have done

'Till goodness and love and I

Are one."

(Shekhinah Mountainwater)



Stress spell


Place 7 Amethyst crystals in a glass of water. Cover it with a piece of

paper towel and leave outside for a night and drink it the next morning.

(Ileana Abrev)


Snow Person Healing Spell


Make a mini snowman that represents the person who is ill. Make 21

snowballs. As you make each snowball, think of the sick person and of

banishing the illness from them. Set the snowballs around the snowman to

form a circle. Chant:


Surround ...(her/him)...

Enfold ....(her/him).....

Heal .....(her/him).....

Hold ...(her/him)....


Walk around the snowballs in a counterclockwise direction as you chant.

Clap if you like. When you feel you are finished, hold your hands toward

the snowman and say:


Winter winds on a winter day

Winter sun melt (her/his) troubles away

Wheel revolve, death to birth

Air to Fire, Water to Earth!

 (Silver Ravenwolf)


Buckeye Spell

..............................English and American folklore
The Legend:
The belief that carrying a buckeye would ward off rheumatism and chills was
once quite common in both countries. Another belief indigenous to the
United States was that the buckeye could bring good luck if it was
'spelled'. One method was to lay the buckeye between two candleholders
bearing green or white candles. The candles were lit, and an incense
burned. After the candles had gone out, the buckeye was put in a red bag as
a charm...

Spell to Restore Lost Manhood


To perform a spell to restore lost manhood, you will need two old iron keys, some musk oil, three crimson red candles, musk, jasmine or vanilla incense, and a handful of red rose petals. Before making love, anoint each key with three drops of musk oil and then place them beneath the mattress in the form of an X. Arrange the candles on the floor- one at each side of the bed and one at the foot of the bed. Anoint each with three drops of the oil, and then light the candles and incense to infuse the bedroom with sensual vibrations. Relax, fill your mind with erotic thoughts, and recite the following incantation: "With keys of iron, oiled and crossed, be restored my manhood! Fire of virility, storm of passion- now I raise thee!"

by Gerina Dunwich


Getting Rid of Warts Spell


To get rid of an unwanted wart, cover it with a piece of fresh banana peel and tape in place. Imagine the virus being washed away by running water. Hold this meditation for five minutes, then leave the taped banana peel in place. Replace the banana peel twice a day for five days. Do the meditation whenever you think of it. The area will look blistery when you change the banana peel the first few days; that means this spell is working.

by Therese Francis



Banishment Spells and Spell Breakers

Spell of the Triple Flame

The purpose of this spell is to discover who has cast a spell against you (i.e., is causing you misfortune) or is working against you in some manner. If you feel something is happening to you due to UN-seen forces, or to anyone you know, then perform the following:

On a square Table in your bedroom place three votive candles in votive cups, in a triangle. In the center of the triangle arrange a sharp knife and three straight pins, with the blade of the knife pointing North, and the pins pointing to the East, West, and South.

If you suspect someone in particular, then write his or her name on one of the candles.

If you feel it could be any one of several people, then mark the other two candles with those names also. As you will see, the first candle to burn out will bear the name of the person involved. If the first candle to burn out does not bear a name, then the misfortune is not being caused by anyone.

At midnight, sit in a chair beside the table and gesture the jettatura over the items. Turn to each Quarter of the room and do the same.

Then say the following:

Hear me O Great Mother. if the misfortune which I senesces from the ill works of another, I ask that you speak to me as I sleep this night. I pray that this misfortune shall be lifted away by you an d that good fortune shall come in it's place. I f another has cast an ill spell, then I ask that one of these candles be extinguished; and that you reveal this person to me in my dreams tonight. Then shall their power be diminished in your name, and pass away with the burning of these candles.

At this point you go to bed and allow yourself to sleep. You will awaken at some point to find one or more of the candles extinguished, and so you will have your answer. The next day burn away any remaining candles and pour the wax into a hole dug into the earth. Bury the wax and do not disturb it further. The spell will then be broken.

A Stone Banishment Spell


To be rid of diseases, unhealthy habits, hurt feelings and any other disturbing manifestations of life, hold any stone in your projective hand and visualize the problem in detail.


Visualize the part of you that is to be banished as entering the stone. See the problem and its causes leaving you and infusing the stone.


When you can send no more energy into it, throw the stone onto a hot fire, throwing with it the causes and manifestations of your problem.  Stand back, the stone may explode.


If you have no fire or don't wish to have rocks exploding, throw the stone into the air or into water, thereby releasing the problem causing energy from your body.


It is done.



Reverse Magick


When one feels under psychic assault or if concerned that they are the recipient of adverse magick, one solution is to use reverse magick. One effective method of implementing this is utilizing candle magick.

A reverse candle is one that reverses whatever the individual who is attempting to harm may be doing. If there is a specific individual in mind (an ex-spouse, an ex-lover, an ex-employer, etc.) then write his/her name on the candle (red on top half, black on bottom half) using permanent markers or some other indelible method.

Each night for three nights, burn about a third of the candle. While the candle is burning, visualize positive outcomes (such as a move to a new location for the other party, a move to a new location for you, successful mediation of a problem, etc.) and how the situation can get reversed for the good of you and any other individuals who may be involved (children, elderly parents, etc.) including the individual who's name is inscribed on the candle.

When the candle is burned down to a stub dispose of it immediately by taking it to a body of fresh water. Once the candle is in the water, turn and walk away. If it is winter or if you can't get to fresh water then bury it in the earth (NOT near your home) or dispose of it in a dumpster or some other waste area as far away from your home as possible. When you return to your home after the disposal, return by a different route from the one you took to get there.

It is critical to think positively during the process. Negativity will bog the process down.

Upon your return home create a positive spell outlining what you want the situation to be -- use a white candle or one that represents the positive to you. Understand that the goddess works best when you leave the form of the solution up to her. It is up to us to determine the essence of the solution. The Lady will provide the result.



To break the effects of a spell


Choose the first Saturday after a full moon or the full moon itself.

Use one white candle and one black candle for balance.


On the eve of .....

I cast a spell

the effects I created

I must now quell


May this spell be lifted

And I now be gifted

Specifically with __________-


Banishment Stirring Spell


If you need to banish something from your life, prepare a pot of soup. Draw a banishing pentagram in the soup, then stir nine times counterclockwise, saying: "Blessed Lord, gracious Lady, hear my plea. Remove (insert what needs remal) from me. For the good of all, with harm to none; once this is eaten, the spell is done!" Eat the soup. If it is an interpersonal conflict and you have the other person's permission, share the soup.

by Cerridwen Iris Shea



Brimstone Spell

........................Voodoo folklore
The Legend:
When believers in the occult arts burned brimstone in order to drive away
evil forces, one ritual was based on invocation of Voodoo loa or gods. A
pinch of brimstone was put on a piece of red paper which in turn was placed
on a metal plate or saucer. Each container was placed in a separate corner
of the room. At midnight all of the brimstone was ignited, and each in turn
was named by speaking aloud, " (1) Grand Bois (2) Carrafour (3) Cemetiere
(4) Damballah In your all-powerful names which I have invoked with this
offering, I command evil demons and hexs to flee this dwelling, never to

Windows were opened during this ritual......Although ostensibly to furnish
an avenue of departure for the malevolent forces, no doubt a practical
necessity had some part in the open window requirement. To have been in a
closed chamber with burning brimstone would have invited great
unpleasantness. This ritual would seem to have combined Voudoun and
European Witchcraft.



The Bottle Spell


(variation of the traditional witch's bottle)
This spell can be used to neutralize the power of those who intend to hurt your reputation, in any way pose a threat to your security, or who want to do you physical harm.

Tools: black thread, black ink or black ballpoint pen, parchment paper, 1 bottle with a cork or mortar and pestle, 1 white candle, 4 tablespoons orris-root (or oak moss) ,4 tablespoons sea salt, 4 tablespoons black powdered iron (available at pottery shops where ironstone is made) ,4 tablespoons frankincense or myrrh.

Mix the sea salt, orris-root powder, and iron in a bowl. Then cut a piece of parchment to fit inside your bottle and write on it in black ink:
"I neutralize the power of [name of your adversary] to do me any harm. I ask that this be correct and for the good of all. So mote it be."

Roll up the parchment, tie it with black thread to bind it, and place it in the bottle. Fill the bottle with the dry ingredients. Then take the white candle and, while turning the bottle counterclockwise, drip wax over the cork to seal it. Last, secretly bury the bottle in a place where it will not be disturbed and no animal or person will dig it up. It should never be opened or the power of the spell is lost.



Ending Bad Luck


Black candle

Gray candle

Orange candle

Magenta candle

astral candle (representing yourself, refer to Astrological Color Guide)


Anoint the candles with a purification oil of blessing oil, such as lotus, and set them in holders on a safe surface.

Anoint the black candle from the end to the wick; by this action you are moving bad luck away from you.

Anoint the other candles from the wick to the end; this brings in what you desire.

The candles will be allowed to burn out completely, so be sure that you can leave them safely.

Light the astral candle representing yourself, and say:

This is me, everything that represents me.

Light the black candle, and say:

This is my bad luck. It now leaves me. I shed no tears over the parting.

Light the gray candle, and say:

This will neutralize any remnants of bad luck. They will dissolve into nothingness.

Light the orange candle, and say:

This represents the changes for good that are coming into my life. I welcome them with open arms.

Light the magenta candle, and say: This is the astral energy that I need to speed up the change.

Sit for several minutes, repeating to yourself:

I welcome change. I welcome the incoming good.

Leave the candles to burn out completely. Dispose of the wax afterward. You may find that certain friends will drop away after this ritual. This merely indicates that the friendship was not to your good. Be prepared to release whatever moves out of your life.



Separating Yourself from a Problem or Person

Small issues can be handled in a magick circle, whereas larger issues mayeed a full ritual. Think carefully which is best for the situation. You will need two black candles, a long black ribbon, black gloves, scissors, the cauldron containing small amount of alcohol, and a silver bell. Cleanse and consecrate all items. Dress the candles to send negativity away from you, then light them. Hold each end of the ribbon and name the ends. Pass the silver bell over the altar several times, until you feel you are in tune with the Universal energies of love and peace. Anger is not a luxury afforded to you in the situation. Put on the black gloves and say:

I call upon the energies of Universal balance
I call upon the ancient energies of my people
I call upon the living essence of the Morrigan
Underworld and heaven
Land and sea
I waken these energies unto me.
Witness now that I renounce and sever
Break bonds and connections with ______
By all powers that are One Power
May the great sisters of karma now weave anew
And separate me from you
As I will, so mote it be!

Cut the ribbon:
It is so.

Light the cauldron. Burn both pieces of ribbon.


Seperation Spell


Take two black candles, set them next to each other.

Light them:


As I Part these candles, So shall (name) and I part.

We shall go on our Journeys with a new start.

Should our paths cross again,

(name) Shall not hurt me, My heart will win.

No hold does(name) have over me.

I am on a new path,

So Mote it be.

Separate the Candles by a foot after lighting them.

Let them burn 1/2 way down.

When done and candles are extinguished, Put in a dark box or sack

And throw them away.

Go out and start a new life without (name)

Hope this helps you.



Spell for Annoying Neighbors


Best time to cast this spell: sunset on the eve of a New Moon

You will need:

a yellow candle

a teaspoon of salt

half a cup of Olive oil

a chicken feather ( you should gather feathers in a non harmful manner)

The spell:

gather up your ingredients and go to a quiet area in your home where you

can be alone. Light the candle and put the salt into the cup of Olive

oil. Pick up the feather and repeat these words:


CAuda Draconis (or a deity you choose to work with)

Help me in my time of need

I want (the person's name here)

to move away from me,

In good health let them be

their possessions - let them keep

Let wheels begin to help them move

to move away from me.

This is my will - So Mote It BE!

dip the feather into the olive oil and soon as you are able - wipe the

feather on the ground in front of your house and near the neighbors

house (make sure no one sees you!)


Unwanted Visitor Spell


My mother taught me to get rid of unwanted visitors you should place a broom by the front door. If you can, make a small sweeping motion as place the broom, and if you can do this without being noticed, so much the better. This will speed such people on their way and give you some peace of mind.

by Magenta Griffith


Banishing a Love Rival


This spell from New Orleans encourages a love rival to turn his or her attention elsewhere and is best done on Friday or Saturday night during a waning or New Moon. Beginning after sundown, gather some raw meat a little past its prime, something "broken", some angelica, a garlic clove, and a leek. Tie these things together in a cheesecloth bound by black thread. On the outside paint the letter "X" three times in dragon's blood ink. Douse the entire charm, known as a gris-gris in New Orleans, in lime juice. Before dawn, take the charm to your rival's home and toss it onto the lawn saying: "By this spell, you must find a love that steals your heart and mind. Turn your heart from my love, and make a new start."

by Edain McCoy





Dark Magic Spells


Necromancy Spell

..........................Le Dragon Rouge, 1822

(Red Dragon - a grimoire)

Necromancy is calling up apparitions of the dead for the purpose of

divination and obtaining knowledge, it was considered one of the Black

Arts....nowadays the old, complicated systems are gone, but necromancy still

exists with us today in forms that few would recognize as being related to

past designation. Spiritualism, planchettes, divination boards are actually

the counterparts of the old rituals; less complicated, and much more

pleasant to use as shall be seen from the spell shown. The Red Dragon,

published in 1822, purported to give detailed instructions for the control

of spirits and demons. the following spell taken from that book is given in

all its essential details, but with changes from the archaic spelling and



The Spell.........

the operator must help at a christmas mass at midnight. when the host is

raised, he says softly, "Exurgent mortui et odme vurient" (the dead rise and

come to me). at this point, he was to leave the churchyard, stop at the

first gravestone, and say; "Infernal Powers, you who carry disturbance into

the universe leave your somber habitation, and render yourself to the place

beyond the Styx River. If you hold in your power him whom I call, I conjure

thee, in the name of the King of Kings, to let this person appear at that

hour i choose".


Then the necromancer takes a handful of dirt and casts it about, saying,

"May he who is dust wake from his sleep. May he step out of his dust and

answer to my demands which I make in the name of the Father of all men".


Dropping to one knee, he faces east until sunrise, at which time he gathers

two human bones and holds them like a cross. Carrying the bones, he leaves

the graveyard, and throws the two bones into the first church he comes to.

Then, walking northward exactly fifty nine hundred steps, he lies on the

ground, hands on legs, eyes turned towards the moon, and summons the dead by

saying, "Ego sum, te peto et videre quero". The spectre arrives and is

questioned. After the questioning, it is dismissed by saying, "Return to

the Kingdom of the chosen. I am happy about your being here". The operator

returns to the first gravestone he stopped at, and traces a cross on it with

his left hand. The book ends the spell with the warning that every detail

must be followed exactly, or harm will befall the operator.


NOTE:..Red Dragon claims 1522 printing....but only copy shows 1822....




Voodoo Coffin Spell


.......................Voodoo folklore

The Legend:

Before a miniature coffin was sent to an intended victim, it was consecrated

in the trinity patrons of the Voodoo sorcerors. The trinity was made up of

Maitre-Carrefour, Lord of the Crossroads and Demons; Grand Bois, Master of

Night Earth and Night Forests; and Baron Cemitiere, Sovereign of the

Cemeteries. Upon being consecrated, the coffin became a 'wanga', or magick

charm which was sent on an expedition. It is one of the most feared of

Voodoo practices since believers feel it invokes the aid of the dead against

the living. The words of consecration are as follows:

Zo wan-we sobadi sobo kalisso

Maitre-Carrefour, mwe mem


M'a remesye loa-yo

Grand Bois, l'uvri baye mwe

baron-Cemetiere, l'envoi




Black Coffin Spell


.......................Southern Voodoo folklore

The Legend:

A death spell was supposed to be cast if a small black coffin was placed on

another's doorstep. It would usually contain a tiny doll pierced with pins,

and a burnt piece of black candle would be set at each end. The coffin

would be from two to three inches long, and could be made from wax, clay,

wood, metal, or any material capable of being shaped in the required form.

This spell was indigenous to the southern part of the United States and

differed from the coffin spell used in the West Indies wherefrom it was most

likely derived (see above) One of the basic differences between American

and the Caribbean Voodoo is the latter's supplication to the loa in most

spells; either by spoken invocation or other actions.


Wormwood Spell


.................Ancient and medieval folklore

The legend: The wormwood know as artemesia took its name from Artemis, wife

of Mausalos, and has long been used in rituals to bring forth spirits of the

dead and friends of the underworld. In such a ritual the wormwood is

burned like an incense. Often it was put in a cone of black paper which was

lit at the bottom. This was done only at night. As the fumes arose, the

name or names of the deceased were spoken aloud and asked to make known

their presence. Wormwood was used with many spells of necromancy. It was

also burned by some during use of a pendulum or planchette. It is an herb

under the sign of Mars.



Scrying and Divination Spells



Water Scrying Spell

This spell can be used to neutralize the power of those who intend to hurt
your reputation, in any way pose a threat to your security, or who want to
do you physical harm. This is a method that we got from our grandparents,
that really works. Take a clear glass and fill with clean water. Set it on
a dresser in front of a mirror, on top of a Bible. Then take a Lighted
Kerosene lamp and put it between the water and the mirror. Make the glass
of water high enough where the flame can be seen through the water. Sit
with your back to the water, and with a small mirror look over your left
shoulder at the reflection of the glass of water in the hand mirror. Sit
and be still and very quiet for a few minutes and you will start to see
images in the glass in the reflection.


Cauldron Spell for Prophecies


Purpose: For prophecies to be revealed through dreams, strong impressions or immediate visions.


Fill a cauldron or large, black iron pot half-full of fresh water. Add a handful of buttercup or marigold petals. Light incense of wormwood or burn the herb

 thyme. Stir the cauldron/pot gently three times while chanting:


 "Into the threads of time I cast my thoughts

 To catch a glimpse of what will be

 O Gods of Asgard, bring into my mind

 The lovely gift of prophecy."


 Look deep into the cauldron and you will receive messages as per the above.



Divination, Black and White


Spend a few minutes gathering stones. Half should be dark and

half of a lighter color.


Place them on the ground before you. Ask your question or keep

it in mind.

Close your eyes and jumble the stones around for a few seconds;

then, with your left or receptive hand, remove one of the stones.


If you picked a dark stone, the answer is yes or the prospects

favorable. If light, no.



Luck Spells


Holy Thistle Spell

....................medieval folklore
....................voodoo folklore
The Legend:
Small amount is put in a red bag and carried in pocket or purse. Said to
bring good luck if replaced every seven days. Used to call spirits by some
psychic people. The herb is made into a boiling tea. The tea is kept
steaming, and the user lies down near it and concentrates on receiving
spiritual messages.


Generating Luck Spell


Spells for generating luck are important, because they cover most the good things we desire.  One way to generate luck is to compile a "Book of Fortune".  To begin list your blessings in a blank book - striving to come up with 999 things that have been lucky for you.  Even in an uneventful life, there are little serendipitous-things found, recoveries made.  Include emotional riches such as each relationship you have enjoyed, memories of special occasions, and help you received from others.  Also, write down your achievements and other good qualities.  When you have counted 999 blessings, you can expect some special stroke of luck.  However, your luck will increase well before that, because with every sentence you will be affirming the fact that you do have blessings.  You can recite lines from this book as part of rites to strengthen your own spirit of luck.  

Janina Renee


A Good Luck Spell


Brought to you by: Alexcia's Web


Read over this spell and customize it prior to use-the work will go much smoother.


Tools you will need are:


Protection Incense (herbs or oils work fine also)

Blue 8" Taper Candle



Heat resistant bowl


Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may use in addition to your spell candle.


While setting up your area, Concentrate on the purpose of your work. Envision what it is that you desire. For this spells' purpose, it is best to have an idea of what you want, as opposed to general good luck.


Just prior to your work, bathe in purification herbs, or with your favorite bath salts. While you are bathing, concentrate again on the purpose of your spell. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind!


After bathing, go to your work area. Cast a circle. Light the protection incense. Envision a large, light-blue ball of light surrounding you and your work area. Hold the blue candle between the palms of your hands, close your eyes, and direct all of your energy into the candle. Open your eyes and place the candle in its holder.


On a small piece of paper, write down what it is that you want (money, job, etc.). Place this piece of paper under the candle holder. Prior to lighting the candle, say (either aloud, or to yourself):


"This candle represents the good luck that will come to me"


Light the candle and say (either aloud or to yourself):


"As the light of this flame grows, I can see good luck around me.



Sit back and watch the candle burn. Envision what you will look and feel like when your wish comes to you. See yourself holding with the object you desire, or with the desired goal you wish to achieve.


When the candle had burned 1/3 of the way, say


"As the flame of the candle dissipates with time-good luck will be mine."


Continue to do your meditation, envisioning the light blue ball of light around you, seeing yourself how you will be when your good luck arrives.


When the candle has burned 2/3 of the way, repeat


"As the flame of this candle dissipates with time-good luck will be mine".


Continue to meditate as the candle burns.


When the candle has almost burned away, burn the piece of paper with your written words and place the ashes into a heat-resistant bowl. Repeat the affirmation


"As the flame of this candle dissipates with time-good luck will be mine".


Extinguish the candle by blowing on it and envisioning bad luck also being swept away by your breath.


After the candle's leftover wax has cooled-, combine the ashes and wax together and bury it in the earth as close to your home as possible.


Self Confidence Spells


A Spell of Self-Love


Sometimes the best Witchcraft path to take when you wish to attract love

and good fortune is to increase your self-love. This week long spell will

change the way you view the world, reinvesting it with magick and beauty.

It is especially recommend if your energy is down or if you are feeling

cynical and jaded. This life-refresher is guaranteed to make you feel



Every morning for seven days awake alone. Upon awakening repeat these words



I allow my beauty to shine

I respect this body which my Divine Mother gave me

I will keep my mind healthy

And my spirit strong

And know that I am beloved of her now and always.


Morning 1

Walk to a sanctuary. there, pray to the Mother. Allow yourself at least two

hours silence in the early morning. Do not speak: this will allow the

Mother to come into your thoughts and manifest herself. It will also allow

your Higher Self to begin communicating with you far more directly. Pray to

the Goddess before retiring.


Morning 2

Awaken early. Pray to the Goddess. Remain silent. Take a love bath in

lukewarm water steeped with rose petals-add essential oil of lemon to

invigorate you for the day. Bathe for 15 minutes, meditating on the wonders

of being alive. Examine your body and cleanse it with reverence. Stretch

your limbs and admire the beauty of your body. Appreciate how it works for

you, the pleasure it brings you and the myriad of functions it performs. Be

assured: you are beautiful.


Morning 3

Cast a circle, and meditate within it for 20 minutes. Call forth your 'wild

woman' (the spirited, untamed side of your Higher Self, who speaks honestly

from pure instinct and is a valuable friend). Listen to her and let her

guide you. After this, write down on parchment her instructions to you, and

begin to act on them today. Wear rose geranium for self-love and

re-balancing of hormones. Allow yourself several private moments throughout

the day to meditate on the message of the morning.


Morning 4

Time to get physical! Put on some invigorating wild and frenzied music and

shake, dance and leap around to it, allowing energy to move through your

body and loosen up your chakras (energy channels). Let your wild woman

dance for you-get completely loose and wild; yell, scream or whoop if those

feelings come up. Experience the joy of being a physical person, and as you

slowly calm down focus on your breathing. On the in breath repeat:

I am beloved of the Mother

All that is mine shall come to me.

Repeat this affirmation until you feel ready to take on the day.


Morning 5

Plant something-a tree, a shrub or herb-to symbolizes the growth of your new

self, and the success of your new endeavors. (This should encourage you to

take care of your plants!)Plant this living symbol barehanded-don't wear

gloves. Get your hands deep in the dirt-go all the way and get your feet

into the dirt, too. Getting your hands dirty and planting your feet right

into the ground will remind you that you are of the Earth and that the

Earth is your Mother. Remember this as you go through your day. This is an

extremely valuable exercise for people who tend to work and live in their

heads. Uni. students take note!


Morning 6

Today you will rise early enough to watch the Sun rise. Think of all the

wonderful things which are coming to you. Use path working to add power to

this ritual. After glorying in the birth of the day, pick some flowers

(from the wild, or a park or garden). Keep these with you on your desk or

at home throughout the day, and remind yourself of the miracle of the

sunrise, and of the magick you too can work through your lifetime. This

evening, take yourself to the same place and witness the sun leaving the

sky. Again do your affirmations and path working. This is very simple as it

reconnects you with nature and your dreams in a very powerful way. Be

prepared for change!


Morning 7

Perform a wish spell with special significance for you. Stay in bed all day

if you wish, and if possible take a mental health break from work in order

to focus on your inner self. In our culture, being 'selfish' is heavily

criticized, especially in women-but time spent contemplating your own

nature in an honest and wise manner is never a waste of time. Spend this

day doing this, and celebrating your power and refreshed energy. Drink one

glass of red wine steeped with cloves as the evening star comes out. Toast

to your new beginnings.


This may seem very long and maybe not worth the effort, but in order to

achieve true self-love and appreciation of yourself you need to spend more

than one night spell casting to do it. Some things take time, but the

rewards for your effort and perseverance are well worth it.



Self Confidence Spell


To help you gain self confidence in all areas of your life. Stand before

your magick mirror or bathroom mirror if you have no magick mirror. look at

your self in the mirror. What do see? Do you see yourself self assured?,

successful?, talented?, worthy of love and friendship?, prosperous? If you

say no to any of these, why. Look honestly at why you feel that is so. Is

it realistic, are your negative feelings about yourself based in reality?

what can you do to change those feelings about yourself? When you have

finished your self analysis. Light a red candle (if using the bathroom

mirror you can place the candle on the basin, if the magick mirror hold the

candle in your hand; preferably have the candle in a candle holder) and

concentrate on the flame for about thirty seconds or so before looking into

your eyes. Tell yourself something along these


"I am beautiful and special. I love you. I'm perfect and I can do anything

I want to.

Next go to your altar and burn an incense of three parts wood aloe, two


frankincense and one part nutmeg. Light a blue candle for inner peace and

harmony, and a white candle for outer peace, and balance. On a piece of

parchment paper, write down all the things in life you want to achieve.

Read over it and affirm in your mind that can achieve these goals, and will

achieve them, visualize them having already happened. As you visualize each

goal coming to fruition tick off the goal, like you do with a list of

things to do. Then fold the paper in two, and set it on fire, one half from

the blue candle the other from the white. Toss the paper into a fire proof

container or cauldron then concentrating on the two candles, say these or

similar words:

Mother Goddess and Father God (You may use your patron deities if you wish)

You have created me out of love, a perfect being, a reflection of your

love, your wisdom, strength, and virility. You have infused within me, your

spark. Your divine presence. You have filled me with the potential to do

great things, the ability to achieve whatever I will to do in life.

I call forth this potential, my inner strength, my inner wisdom, my inner

beauty, my inner confidence, my inner self-assurance to manifest itself in

my life to create a harmonious balance with my outer self. I call upon my

inner resources, to manifest into my life, to create for me a state of

self-confidence and successful assurance within myself.

May it be reflected in my everyday workings, through confidence to speak

openly, through tactile thinking, through knowing the right action to take

at the right time.

I banish from myself shyness, introversion, and awkwardness.

From this time on, I will always know the right words to speak, the right

actions to take, the ability to converse freely with no inhibition.

Through your power Goddess and God, which is manifest in me, I will it to

be so for the good of all and the harm of none, So mote it be!

Let the candles and incense burn themselves out. This spell is best

followed by working with your chakras, removing any blockages from them

that you might find.


Spell for self-confidence


Incense blend Frankincense, benzoin, dragons blood, mace, orange peel, rose



Preferably choose a time just before Full Moon. Form your magic circle and be

very still. Imagine warmth within you, gathering behind your navel and

gradually spreading outwards so the whole of your body feels warm and glowing.

Light a golden yellow candle and say:

'May my inner confidence glow like this candle flame.

May it be an ever-burning flame inside me

May it glow like the Moon and, having reached fullness,

remain constant as the Northern Star.

As this candle burns and is transformed, so my

inner confidence becomes complete.

So shall it be.'

When you are ready, close down your ritual and your psychic centers consciously and thoroughly. You may put the candle somewhere safe to burn out

or relight it each day until it is finished.



Cleansing and Purification Spells


Sacred Space Purification Spell


To purify a sacred space, during  the sixth hour after sunrise or the  first  or eighth hour after sunset  consecrate an aromatherapy bowl or small cooking  pot by passing it through the smoke of frankincense  and sprinkling it with blessed water, saying:

" I consecrate this container to aid in my Craft, that  the spell I now weave will take hold and last." Heat spring water in the bowl over a tea light or in the pot on a burner. When the water is hot, add the  following herbs, speaking after each-star anise: " Let all negativity be deflected from this place"; one bay leaf: " as the sent of this leaf moves through this place may purification enter into space"; one teaspoon sage:  "Though sage I now make this spell manifest, that with peace and protection this space will be blessed. For as I will, so mote it be!"

by Ann Moura


Create a Cleansing Altar


To create an altar for use in cleansing ceremonies, first cover a small table with a white cloth, preferably linen. Arrange on the cloth one freshly cleansed amethyst crystal, a thriving fern plant, a smudge stick in a small bowl of salt, a crystal candle holder with a white or lavender candle, and a bowl of dried lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and dill. Light the smudge stick and blow the incense around the altar, saying: "Spirits of protection, healing, and cleansing, bless the objects on this altar- that I might use them to aid in cleansing and purifying during my magical work. Blessed be." Whenever you have need, come to the altar and work your cleansing, purifying, and healing magic here. You may place pictures on the amethyst and ask that the person or object in the photograph be cleansed as well.

by Yasmine Galenorn


Kitchen Witch Purification Spell


No time to cast a circle and perform a long purification ritual? No problem! Into a large enamel saucepan, add: two minced large onions, five minced cloves of garlic, two tablespoons dried rosemary, two sliced lemons, and two tablespoons of crushed black peppercorns. Cover with three quarts of water and bring to a

rolling boil. Let the steam permeate the house, carry the pan carefully through the house into each room so that the steam can filter into every nook and cranny. When this is finished, open the windows and let the wind blow through to take away the last remnants of day-to-day tension and stress.

by Yasmine Galenorn


Purification Spell for Water


The incantation below is a purification spell that you can use as part of a larger working, or alone when swimming, walking in the rain, boating, and so on. It can also be used in preparing for the birth of a baby, or during the birthing process. If

necessary, use the incantation as a drought-buster. Begin by saying: "Water protects the embryo, ancestor love of long ago. Tides and rivers dance and flow, enchant this place, let magic grow.  Revive! Bring change! I make it so." For added water energy in magic, carve the zodiac symbols of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio on the candle color of your choice, and stand the candle in one half inch of water as it burns.

by Silver RavenWolf


Lavender Bath


This spell with refresh and cleanse you.  To begin, cast a circle in your bathroom.  Call the elements and light a lavender-colored candle.  Then blend in a muslin bag a teaspoon each of lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, and dried crushed rosemary.  Hang the sachet under the faucet, and draw your bath water, allowing it to pour down through the herbs.  Add a half cup of lemon juice to the bath.  When you settle into the tub, lean back, relax, and take three deep breaths.  Close your eyes and focus on the excess tension and stress in your body.  Feel the herbs and lemon draw it out of your muscles and mind.  Thoroughly clean your tube when you are done to remove any residue or negative energy from the bath water.  

Yasmine Galenorn



Energy and Organization Spells






Technology Spells


Bless Your Computer


Every day when you turn on your computer, take the time to be aware of all the technology that makes your modern-day life possible- telephones, refrigerator, electric lights, indoor plumbing and central heating. Say a blessing to the inventors, creators, and builders that make your life possible. Thank your computer as the representative of all the technology in your life. You'll find that you have fewer problems when you regularly make this blessing.

by Therese Francis


Holly Driving Charm


To make a charm to protect you as you drive, place the following items in a small box: three holly leaves, one clove of garlic, one sprig of cedar, one piece of clear quartz, and one piece of dragon's blood resin. Hold the box shut, and imagine you are driving your car. Envision yourself working in a clear, keen, and observant state. You make decisions as necessary when you are behind the wheel; you react with split-second timing, and you generally find joy in your role as a safe driver. Put the box in the glove compartment of your car and follow through by always driving in a safe and responsible manner.

by Yasmine Galenorn


To Find A Parking Space Close To A Store Front


Ok Goddess I don't want to walk to far,

Please find me a place for my car.


Make sure to thank the Goddess afterwards.


Anti Car Accident Spell


This spell & Talisman was made for a friend who kept having car accidents.


You will need;

Strength card from Tarot deck ( small deck if you can find it)

Copper wiring

Clover, Star Anise, Catnip

Orange cloth

Orange Candle

Black ribbon

Catnip oil ( or any protection oil you may have)


This spell should be cast on a Wednesday, from a Waxing to full moon phase.


Do this spell working the car (truck) you want to protect, parked in a quiet

area. Rub oil into candle and with front door open place candle on ground

and light it. Working inside car, visulize a triple orange light of

protection encompassing the car or truck. Sprinkle some of the herbs around

car, especially the steering wheel. Take copper wire and twist into a cross

or star, place copper cross on out side hood of car. Visulize a saftey net

coming from copper cross/star and encasing your vehicle (with you in it).




" Taliesin, Merlyn, and Cerridwen,

Protect me now, your safe guard send.

Help me see clearly, on every street.

No accidents, no harm, I will meet.

Copper star, by my fingers made,

Protect me on this very day

Keep me in your orange glow,

behind the wheel, I'm in control.

East then South, then West and North

All directions guarded, from this day forth.

By the law of three, so mote it be.



Now put all herbs, copper cross/star, tarot card, herbs, and drips from

candle used into orange linen bag. Tie with black ribbon and hang in your



Orignally written by ~ MOON ~ 1997


Reserving A Good Parking Spot


Just before you leave for a shopping trip or other short visit, call forth in

your imagination a small familiar spirit or gremlin atop the hood of your

car.  Tell the creature "Hi" in your mind.   Call your little friend by a

name of your choosing, and ask to have it locate and hold a good parking spot

for you at your destination.  Finish with "now go!"  As soon as you get to

your destination and park in the space that has been held for you, be sure to

call your friend forth onto your hood again, breathe five breaths of life

force into your body, and direct it out to "bathe" your little friend in a

shower of life energy.   Ed Fitch


Almost Out of Gas Spell


If you are traveling by car and low on fuel, but far from the nearest gas

station, here is a spell that may help.  First, relax.  Even if you did run

out of gas, it would not be a disaster, because a friendly motorist would

help you.  Second, remind yourself that you won't run out of gas, because

there is a reserve in the tank even when it reads "empty" and because this

magic spell is protecting your.  Third, center yourself and enter an alert

state of mind.  Fourth, take a deep breath.  As you exhale, imagine your

breath flowing under the car and lifting it just a bit so the engine works

more easily.  Fifth, focus on your driving.  Notice how effortlessly the car

moves, floating over the road.  When you look at the gauge, you will notice

the care has used almost no gas in the last several miles.


Amber K


Uncategorized Miscellaneous Spells


The Spell of the Holly Stone


This spell originates from the folk belief that looking through the hole of a sacred object can allow the viewer to see into the world of fairies and other spirits. In Tuscany it is believed that the other sight can be obtained by looking through a consecrated ring or a wreath made of verbena.

To find a stone with a hole through it is a powerful talisman, sacred to the goddess Diana.l There are several versions of this spell and so I will share two of them here.


A.) To seek for a Holy Stone, arise at dawn and go out upon a road towards a meadow or into the hills. Take with you a red wool pouch and gather some herbs of Rue and Vervain. If, in you search for the herbs, you should come upon a stone with a hole through it, then pick it up and say:

I have found a Holly Stone upon the ground.

O Destiny, I thank you for the joyful find.

and also the spirit upon this road

who has given it to me.

May it prove to be for my true

and good fortune.

Now it is time to ask the spirit to enter the stone so that it will be an object of power.  To do this, toss the stone up and catch it three time in succession, place it in your pocket, and say the following:

Good spirit of omens

who has come to my aid

believing I had need of you,

spirit of the red Fairy

since you have come to aid me in

my need,

I pray that you will not abandon me!

I beg you now to enter this sphere

that I carry in my pocket,

and when I have need of anything

that I call upon you, what ever need it may be,

and neither by night or day

will you ever abandon me.

After this, place the stone and the herbs in the wool pouch, give thanks to Diana,and return home.


B.) If you find a stone with a hole in it, on a beach or in the sea, it is a powerful talisman for seeing into the spirit world.  The stone is considered in the manner of the first spell.  Once properly prepared, take the stone with you to a cemetery and stand just before the burial grounds. Hold the stone up to your left eye and look through the hole, while keeping the right eye closed. Then say the following:

In Nome di San Piietro,

E di San Biagio,

Fate che da questa pietra

possa vedere che forma
Fanno gli spiriti.

De profundia clamao

In te Domine, Domine!

Et Domine, et fiantatis,

Bugsein et regina materna,

Egdognis Domine!

Folk belief has it that you will see the spirits of the departed. You may also see the Crone aspect of the goddess walking with a lighted torch.



Spell to Find a Home

This is best performed during the Waxing phase of the Moon. On a piece of
white paper, in Dove's Blood ink, draw a picture of the home you want, and
visualize it in detail. Place it on your alter under a brown candle anointed
with Rosa Ava oil. Use white alter candles, a single rose centerpiece, and
Spirit Help incense. Go to your alter after sundown. Light white candles as
usual, and light the brown candle, saying:
This is my home, my earth, my cave, my castle.
Demeter, help to make it better.
Demeter, bring me home!
Bring me home!
Bring me home!!
So mote it be!!
Do this spell three nights, and actively look for a place during the spell
period. Dispose of the spell as usual.
*****Taken from The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Z. Budapest


Black Cat Candle Spell


......southern voodoo folklore

this ritual is an example of reverse symbolism which abounds in folklore.

in one legend an herb, or stone, or whatever, brings only good fortune. in

other legends, the same items cause disaster. this spell contradicts the

common superstition regarding black cats who usually are held in ill repute.

the effect of this ritual was meant to be that the conjurer would control

the forces that legend normally attributes to the stygian beast and reverse

them; good for bad. this could be a blending of ancient egyptian respect

for the cat and southern folkfore.


.................the ritual

the cat candle was annointed with success oil, a perfumed oil of alleged

voodoo concoction. it was burned seven minutes the first night and eleven

minutes the second night. this sequence kept on with seven minutes the

third night and eleven minutes the fourth, and so on until the operator

decided enough good luck had been gained..... voodoo folklore seven is a lucky number for conjuring, but

nine is considered better. they total eighteen, double the nine. thus we

can see the reasoning behind this spell, 'seven come eleven', the old

gambler call; something twice as good should always work better.


4 thieves vinegar spell..........marie laveau
the legend:
marie laveau, a voodoo queen of old
new orleans, used the potion called 4
thieves vinegar in a number of ways she claimed would drive enemies away;

to a gallon of strong cider vinegar add a handful of the following:
rosemary, wormwood, lavender, rue, sage, and mint. add 1 oz of powdered
camphor gum. tightly close the container with the cider vinegar and herbs
in it. place this container in a pan of water and heat until the water
begins to boil.. always shake this mixture before heating. heat daily for
4 days. strain the herbs from the liquid, bottle and keep tightly

(1) smearing the liquid on the enemy's doorknob where it would be sure to be
(2) putting a small amount of it in a bottle together with the enemy's name
written on parchment paper, and throwing the sealed bottle into the moving
water of a stream or river. as it floated away, it allegedly drew the enemy
with it in the sense that he or she would want to move from their immediate


High John the Conqueror Oil Spell


.........................Voodoo folklore

The legend:

an old voodoo custom and belief was to rub a green candle with High John

oil, and burn it completely. this ritual was repeated for seven nights, and

it was thought to bring the supplicant money, love, and health. the

spellcasting was always started on a sunday.


High John the Conqueror Powder Spell


.......................Voodoo folklore

The legend:

the purpose was the same reasons that High John the Conqueror oil was used.

however, the method was entirely different. a green candle was lit, and a

small amount of the powder sprinkled in the flame. next an equal amount was

dropped into a pot of boiling water. the hands were passed through the

smoke of the candle, and through the steam arising from the pot. this was

done each day until satisfaction was felt.


Daruma Stack Spell

.....................Japanese folklore
The Legend:
The famous Buddhist priest Dharma of the sixth century, sat in meditation
for many years on the side of a lonely, uninhabited mountain. Eventually
this austerity caused him to lose his legs. He was famous as a very wise
and gentle man, and many felt to be in his presence was to be blessed.
During the centuries as he became more revered as a symbol of good luck,
statues of him were refined to show only the venerable head. These round
charms became known as Darumas. It was believed a stack or column of these
heads represented a means of controlling the misfortune that might affect a
person's life. A Daruma stack would have eight graduated, colorful heads.
The upper seven heads stand for the seven days of the week. To avert
misfortune, each day one head was turned halfway in the morning, and halfway
at dusk so that it had regained its postition. Only one head per day was


Wisdom Spell

Light candle of any color, preferably yellow, green, or blue. Get out a
piece of paper. As you're gazing into the candle, chant:

"Oh Goddess and God of old,
Help me to write on this paper bold,
For only me to see
Help this paper remind me!
So mote it be!"

Draw a pentagram on the paper like you usually would, starting at the top.
On the very top point draw the rune of Jera. The top right draw the rune of
Ansuz. Bottom right draw rune of Mannaz. Bottom left draw rune of Hagall.
Top left draw rune of
Gifu. Imagine your energies pouring into the paper and
fold five times. Snuff out the candle and than the goddess. Keep the paper
in contact with your skin at all times.

Cat Spell for Spiritual Growth

Materials For Spell:
* Cast -off whiskers
*Statures or pictures of Bast and
*A Stamp or picture of a cat's paw print
*Incense: lotus, jasmine, or frankincense
* A cat's eye stone; this can be set jewelry if you
want to wear it afterwards.
*two white candles
Timing :
Light of the moon or Full moon if you are trying to understand Upper world Powers
Dark of the moon or new moon if you are struggling to understand the mysterious Underworld Powers.
Spiritual growth isn't a one-time "I've got it" proposition. Ideally, it is a continuous, upward spiral of knowledge-seeking which never ends. Sometimes a metaphorical light will come on, and we will understand a single spiritual point with great clarity. Most of the time, however we have to plod along, step by step, sweating for everything that we learn. What we learn through patience and perseverance usually lasts the longest. Here's a cat spell that will help:
Set up an altar or sacred space, arranging one candle on each side and
one to the rear of your working area. Place the statures of Bast and
Isis between the candles. Set the Picture of the cat's paw at the foot of the statues with the cat's eye stone and the whiskers on top of it. Light the incense.. Lay your hands over the paw print, whiskers and stone saying:

I seek guidance on my spiritual path.
I Am led to the truth by the track of a cat.
By the eye of the cat i see through spiritual darkness into the light
where all things are made clear.
By the whiskers of the cat I Am guided the right way.
By the whiskers of the cat I AM guided the right way.
The ladies of Wisdom speak to my heart and soul. Their words enter my dreams, guiding and instructing me.
I seek truth and light !
Sit quietly for a few moments while you think over the spiritual ideas you want clarified or the difficulties you have in deciding upon a spiritual path to take. When you are finished put out the candles. The candles, whiskers and paw print can be reused whenever you wish to repeat the spell.
The Cat's eye stone can be carried or worn in jewelry as a reminder that you are being guided with wisdom and clarity. Answers often come in unexpected ways: dreams, talking with others, or reading a book. Be open and aware.



 Honey Binding To Bring Kindness

 Small, clean, jar such as a baby food jar
 Honey. Enough to fill the small jar
 Paper. A small strip that will fit in the jar
 Pen. To write the person(s) name on small strip of paper
 Candle. To drip on jar lid for sealing

 All products connected with bees have magical powers (bees-wax, honey,
 pollen, royal jelly, propolis). It is believed that any bee product can hold
 and deliver a magical message or prayer.

 Best to do this on a full moon but can be done during the waxing. Write the
 name of the person or just men/women, people in general on the strip of
 paper. Place the paper inside the small jar. Now fill the jar with the honey.
 While you do this concentrate on your intent. Visualize the person or persons
 being kind to you the way you would like them to be. Now close the jar with
 the lid and seal it with wax. Place the jar on your altar or somewhere where
 it will be untouched. Every month re-charge the jar by placing it in the sun
 for a day. You'll want to bury the jar and refresh the spell with a new jar
 about every 6 months or so.


7 Day Calming Spell

I suffer from extreme stress and tension. This spell helps me to calm down after I've come home from work....especially useful when things have been stressful at work for awhile (reports due,etc) and a quick end is not in sight.

Waxing moon---to bring peace and tranquility ----
Waning moon-- to send away stress and discomfort

Colour--a long taper--light blue works best for me, however any pale color would's your preference.

Day of the Week---can be started any day...but Monday is best for protecting children (the child within)

Cut 7 notches into the candle. Dress the candle with your favorite oil ( I use Olive oil for just about everything). Stroke the candle from ends to middle (waxing moon) or from middle to ends (waning moon). Set the candle in a fire proof holder.

Day 1--light your candle and say the following word (visualizing peace and serenity surrounding you)
"Blessed Goddess...hear my prayer for peace and calm,
My candle dressed with soothing balm.
I light this candle on day I know this spell's begun."

Keep the candle lit (and in your view) and visualize calmness and serenity coming from the candle flame--filling the air around you. I also light incense (lavender) to enhance the mood. Snuff out the candle when it reaches the first notch and thank the Goddess for being with you. (Don't blow out the candle--use a candle snuffer)

On the following days...repeat the process....

Day 2-- " Blessed Goddesss..hear my prayer for peace and calm,
My candle dressed with soothing balm.
I light this candle on day two I know that calmness comes through."

Day 3-- "Blessed Goddess...hear my prayer for peace and calm
My candle dressed with soothing balm.
I light this candle on day I know calmness comes to me."

Day 4--(repeat first two lines)
"I light this candle on day I know more calmness is in store"

Day 5--(repeat first two lines)
"I light this candle on day I know my calmness is alive"

Day 6--(repeat first two lines)
"I light this candle on day I know my calmness is fixed"

Day 7--(repeat first two lines)
"I light this candle on day I know my calmness is given.
For everyday after this candle is gone...I know that my calmness lives on and on.
So mote it be"

Let the candle burn itself out and thank the Goddess.

Repeat whenever you feel the need.

A Spell for World Peace and a Pure World Environment


(Matthew Green)
The following spell is method of tapping into the stream of universal peace energy and making your own little piece of the world brighter by nullifying negative energy. You will need the following items:

a white candle (peace)
a white feather (peace)
a green leaf (environment)
a blue bead or marble (the world)
a small jar of spring water sweetened with sugar

Light the candle, extinguish any artificial illumination and arrange all items before you. Sit for a moment and still the mind. Focus on the candle flame and recall the images that represent war, see in your mind_s eye the steady destruction of the natural world. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to rid yourself of these images. See how a chain of fearful acts can quickly degenerate into violence. Refuse to participate in this cycle of anger and fear as it may stop with you if you are willing to earth the energy by breathing it out. Hold the marble or bead in your hand and feel the fragility of the earth in the hands of humanity, feel the destructive potential of greed and fear. Blow a cool stream of breath upon the bead or marble. Take up the white feather and dip it into the water. Using the feather as a paintbrush bathe the marble or bead; take up the leaf and do the same. Place the bead or marble into the jar of water and visualize the world spinning slowly in a bank of beautiful billowing clouds. Place the jar in a cool quiet part of the home where it will not be disturbed. Put the feather beneath your bed and allow the candle to burn out by itself. Here the spell ends but the true work begins. In your daily life practice the art of releasing and ending a cycle of fear and malice and also do your own small part toward the end of environmental destruction.

To Learn the Truth


Light alter candles.

Light Incense.

Think hard on the subject about which you wish to learn the truth.

Light petitioners candle.. a candle representing yourself. (Can be any color you feel represents yourself.) and say,

"This candle I light to represent myself. It burns as does the spirit. It is as myself in all things.

Light 2 white candles and say, " These are the symbols for truth. They are enjoined about (your name) and to me show all truth. Then say:

"As I rock in the night 'cross the brown heath bare,

In the bright moons light saw a castle fair;

Lords and ladies, great and small,

Where crowding in, 'twas a festival,

Grasses in the wind are waving.

They bade me welcome and I went

To drink their wine to my heart's content.

I danced and laughed with the ladies fair.

Ne'er in my life had I such cheer;

Grasses in the wind are waving.

Then all at once there came a cry:

Haro by yaro! Asleep fell I,

While a lady dancing at my side

Seemed like a lizard away to glide;

Grasses in the wind are waving.

I woke in the early light of day,

In an olden ruin I did lay,

O'er the rock and into the sun

I saw a green-gold lizard run!

Grasses in the wind are waving.

Now the truth I know and it stays with me,

For I have seen what I did see,

All secret knowledge came to mind,

Borne on laughter of the other kind;

Grasses in the wind are waving."

Sit then in quiet contemplation for half an hour. In this time will the truth of the subject in question come to you. Extinguish candles

Must give credit to Raymond Buckland for that one.


Spell for Women in Public Service


Juno can be a powerful ally to women in government and public service jobs. This spell can be used to help your elected representatives, or to elect more women to public offices, and to strengthen women's influence in public life. Wear cypress oil, your best business attire, and moonstone or silver jewelry. Close your eyes; ground and center, and envision your elected representative in a royal purple or electric blue suit. See her succeeding, whether it's at speaking before Congress or the library board. Now transform her into Juno, a regal matron in a Roman toga with purple sash. She blesses the audience with a silver wand, and fills the scene with cool moonfire, the fire of reason and compassion. Repeat for each woman you wish to help. Thank Juno and relax. Repeat monthly to bolster women's public roles.

by Denise Dumars


Crystal Charge Spell


This is an all-purpose spell for charging your magic crystals and stones that you use in ritual or simply keep in your house because they have attracted you. Just before a Full Moon, cleanse them all with salt water, then place on a windowsill where the light of the Full Moon can bathe them. A night or two after the Full Moon, place the crystals and stones in a circle on the floor as you cast a circle. Sit in the center of the circle and let the energy of the crystals and stones come into you. Softly chant: "Crystal vision, crystal sight, let me find my power this night." You may want to come prepared with a question or issue you'd like to resolve. Clear your mind and let the answer flow in. When it feels appropriate, ground your energy and thank the crystals and stones for their help.

by Sedwin


Sun Blessing Spell


Sunday is a day for extending blessings, as the sun's rays bless the Earth on this day. Spreading blessings was also one of the customs of the legendary fey, and it is something that you can do to extend your power outward. As an ongoing blessing spell, cut small bird shapes out of construction paper in your idle moments, and thread string through them so they can be hung. Write a cheerful word of blessing such as "hope", "love", or "luck" on each bird. If you wish, embellish each one by drawing details or gluing glitter on them. Then, whenever you go out- whether to walk in a park, visit a friend's house, shop at the mall, and so on- surreptitiously hang a string of birds in bushes or other secretive places. Know that your birds are acting as agents of your power, blessing any person who comes across them.

by Janina Renee


Cat Communication Spell


If you have been having trouble communication with someone, set out a blue cloth or paper with a spiral drawn on it. Hold a large piece of blue tiger's eye in your hands, thinking of clearing away all the communication difficulties. Then coax your playful cat to come over and visit. Roll the stone on the cloth, bat it back and forth with the cat, playing until the cat gets tired and walks away. Leave the stone on your altar most of the time, but keep it with you when you interact with the person. Once the situation is resolved, cleanse the stone and put it away.

by Cerridwen Iris Shea


Spell to Boost Personal Productivity


To improve your own work productivity, during the waxing Moon place one hematite in a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying: "Ground and heal, magnetic one; bring me clarity on this day." Add a quartz crystal to the contained and say: "Bring boundless energy to me; may it last through this day." Add a calcite and say: "Stone of joy and yellow light, help me sort through my work today." Place the container of stones on your desk and say: "Help me work through this day; bring me inspiration. And when the day is done, may the labor be finished."

by Dorothy Morrison


Holey Stones Spell


Stones with a naturally occurring hole in them are considered good luck by many people. If you are so lucky as to find one, wear it around your neck by a cord through the hole. Silk or cotton cord is best; do not use a metal chain. Don't wrap wire around them or otherwise tamper with them. Looking through the hole is said to give on the power of second sight and the ability to see the invisible world of the fae

Magenta Griffith


Strong as an Oak Spell


To increase your overall strength, at the New moon in spring cut off a young oak twig, being sure to ask permission of the dryad beforehand. If refused, oak bark is available from many herbalist and is a respectable substitute. Strip the twig of its shiny bark, and place this or the store bought dried bark in a saucepan of water. Boil until thoroughly infused. As you work, consider oaken qualities: fertility, sturdiness, durability, deep rootedness. Know that in this brew, these properties are concentrated. If you are in full health and not pregnant, for optimum effect, take the potion as tea. If

frail or preferred, add to your bath. In both cases the important factor is to feel the properties of oak entering and fortifying your system. Entreat the spirit of the sacred tree to protect you. Using a ribbon and the leftover leaves, create a bouquet of thanks to the most ancient of benefactors.

kala Trobe


Find a New Friend Spell


This spell works well for childrenwho feel lonely. To find a new friend, sit in a safe place and get quiet. Then say out loud: "If I were my friend, where would I be?" Be quiet and wait for the answer.

by Therese Francis


Spell for Feeling Overwhelmed


Every time you find yourself thinking "I have too much to do," or "I don't

have enough time," chant at least five times, " So much time, so little to

do".  You should feel better immediately!

Terese Francis





















General Uses: Manifestation and aspirations. Bringing dreams into reality. Realistic targets.

Timing: Waxing to full moons. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. When the moon is in Taurus, Leo, or Sagittarius. March and April.

Props/focals: A bull's-eye, dartboard, or other target. Arrows. Any  items
like step stools and ladders that allow you to stretch or reach thing normally unobtainable. The number 4. The colors red, orange and brown. Daisy,
clover, cinnamon, and ginger. The image of an ant (for tenacity). Agate,
beryl, and  jade. Southerly winds for active energy.

Secondary Listings: Choices, Dedication, Energy, Judgement, New  Endeavors,
Organization, Tenacity, Victory.

Spell: Step one is to get a piece of construction paper and  mark  it
with a representation of your goal. Place this securely on a wall within  your
sacred space. Next, obtain some cellophane tape, a blindfold, four strips of
red or orange paper, a glue stick, and a little powdered ginger.

Stroke one side of each paper strip with the glue stick and fasten a circle of tape to the other side.
Sprinkle the gluey portion of the paper with ginger while saying: "Success  I
claim, today I shine, soon ________(insert goal) will be mine." Next focus all your energy towards the paper. Continue to repeat the power phrase.  Visualize the attainment of your goal. Then close your eyes and don the blindfold. Hold fast to your visualization, and take the strips of paper in hand. Concentrate on your intentions before placing the strips on the arced construction paper on your wall. It's just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," only with a magical purpose.

Now remove your blindfold and see how close you came. If your marks are way
off, repeat the spell every few days until you hit a bull's-eye. Afterwards, fold the target in quarters (once for each element) with the tail attached and then burn, it, the entire thing, thereby releasing your hopes to the winds.  The heated ginger provides added energy for manifestation.


This charm helps in obtaining goals. Gather together a red cloth, a piece of agate, for cloverleaves, for small pinches of cinnamon, and any item that represents success. By the light of a waxing to full moon, empower this by saying four times, "bit of cloth, by string wound, let my magic be unbound. Leaf and herb within combine, soon attainment will be mine." Carry it until you accomplish your objective,


Step one is setting a reasonable time to obtain your goal. Divide this  figure by four and round off. For example, if you need something accomplished within two months, this equals sixty days or four fifteen-day intervals. Keep the results in mind for this spell. If time is wanting, you may shorten this spell by using shorted intervals (hours or minutes).

Next, place an item signifying your aspiration in a tree, high on a wall, or in any other inconvenient location. Go to this place four times; at intervals based on the limit set in step one. At each visit, slowly loosen whatever bindings you have on that goal.

Each time you climb towards the emblem use a verbal component to empower your actions-for example, "Higher still and higher, my magic shall not tie. The first try, my goal I see. My second try, my will is free. My third try, aim
is gained. My fourth try, the goal's obtained." On the fourth visit, loosen the object just enough so the wind will naturally finish the job, carrying the magic toward its intended target.






Whispering Wind Spell


This is a spell to assist if someone is bothering you or if you have a strong, unfulfilled desire. To begin, make sure there is a slight breeze blowing. Light a yellow jar candle and take a few minutes to meditate on your desire or problem. Open the window and whisper your problem or desire, asking the angel of the east to hear and respond. Let the wind carry your words to the east.  Burn the candle down whenever you are home until it is burned out. An answer should come to you within one Moon cycle.

by Cerridwen Iris Shea



Ancient Herbal Spells

*Place thorny rose branches on the front door step to keep evil away from
your abode.
*Consuming a bit of wild thyme before retiring will grant the diner a sleep
free of nightmares.
*Keep money with cedar chips in a small box to attract yet more money.
*To discover the future, take two acorns. Name one "yes" and the other "no".
Place them in a basin of water and ask your question. The acorn that floats
toward you indicates the answer.
*Gather the first anemone flower to bloom in spring and carry with with you
as a charm against sickness.
*To keep evil spirits from the house, hang dried seaweed in the kitchen.



Group Table Blessing


To bless the food at the table, have each person in the dinner

party say a part of the blessing to the bounty embodied in the

God and Goddess union. "All fruits of the Earth, are fruits of

your union. Your womb, your dance, Lady and Lord. Come, join with

us, Feast with us, Enjoy with us!


by Therese Francis





To Overcome an Enemy


  Take a brown candle and write your enemy's name on it three times. Place it

a bowl of brown sugar. Light the candle and affirm; "Your hostility, I'll overcome. In days of nine, your friendship is mine." Do this before you go to bed. Allow the candle to burn out while you sleep. In the morning take what is left of the candle wax and the brown sugar and throw it in your enemy's yard. Do this for nine consecutive days without fail.





to make your shitty day go away, you will need a rose of jericho, a large

punchbowl of water, a black candle and a wad of toilet paper. dress the candle with the wynn rune (looks like an angular "P"). next light the candle and put the rose of jericho into the punchbowl of water. Concentrate on sending all the negative energy of your shitty day into the rose of jericho. After a couple of hours the rose will absorb the negative energy and grow 10 times it's original size and come back to life. the wad of toilet paper is to clean up any water that may spill.






take a piece of paper and write the offending person's name on it in black ink or bat's blood ink. if you don't know the name of the person, write a description of the dirty bastard(Ex. "the person who calls me asking for Prince Albert in a can). next draw a big X over the name and write, "Quit calling me you annoying bastard" underneath. then take some black pepper and sprinkle it on the paper saying,: "Element of Air, please build a wall of protection from the annoying bastard who calls me on my day off. lend me your powers of communication to reroute the call, so mote it be."





this is a great spell that doesn't hurt anyone but gets the targets mind off

negativity and bossing you around. take 1 bay leaf and write the offenders

name on it. burn the bay leaf in a safe, sane way. as the leaf burns say the

following words: "I call upon the powers of (insert name of God or Goddess

here) to cleanse the way between me and (insert offenders name here). let no

gossip or slander come my way or theirs. attend this rite as I think and live

as we are both kith and kin. so mote it be."





to be done after an argument has occured between you and a loved one. Draw

two figures on separate sheets of paper-one representing you and the other

representing the other person. Personalize the figures as needed (eg. Draw

yellow on the head for blond hair, draw glasses , etc.) Place an unbroken bay

leaf on one figure and lay the other figure face-down on top, creating a sandwich type thing. Say: "Let the bay leaf take the energy and anger that is between us." separate the figures. Pick up the bay leaf and crumple it in the palm of your hand. While doing so, say: " As this leaf is broken and blown away, let the anger contained within also break and blow away."  Place the figures again on top of each other and say, " Now there is no anger between us." blow the leaf to the wind. Wrap the figures up with a pink ribbon and put in safe place.





This spell is designed to let a brown-noser get back what they send out. This

spell does not directly harm the target, they do it to themselves. For this spell you need a sheet ofpaper, scissors, a black candle, some black string, frankincense incense, a piece of pyrite (fool's gold), an old glass jar with a lid, some water and a frying pan. First stand facing north and cut out a paper doll of the asskisser and write his name on it. Then look to the north and say, " Asskisser in your hert, what you're doing isn't smart, whatever harm you say and do, will jump right back and get you." take the black string and bind the doll while saying, " Whatever good and bad you say, whatever good and bad you do, will always come right back at you." after binding the doll, light the incense and the candle. Wave the doll through the smoke of the incense and say,"with the power of air this spell is

carried." then fan the flame of the candle and say, " With the power of flame this

spell is released." sprinkle some water on it and say. " With the power of water the magick is spread." Last touch the bundle with the fool's gold and say. "With

the power of earth the magick is put into being." finally take the bundle and burn the f*** out of it in the frying pan, take the ashes and put them in the jar and bury them.





take one TBSP of each of the following: hyssop, lavender and rose petals (the

ones that have been given in love work the best). Mix it all together and grind it lightly with a motar and pestle. Put the herbal mixture in a red mojo bag and add 1 TBSP sea salt. Tie 7 knots with the string of the bag to bind the mixture. Then draw a bath and throw the mojo bag into the water. Light a red figure candle, dressed with Freya oil and say: "Oh Mighty Freya,

Goddess of love,

Lend me your powers of sex from above.

Take these herbs and bless them well,

and make my naughty bits get wet or swell (depending if you are a female or male).

As I take this bath to get me some,

bring forth the one who will make me come!"



Gemini Energy Spell


You can use this magical Mercury powder by itself, or add the powder to other forms of magic- such as at the bottom of a candle or in a cauldron- to find information and encourage communications. To start, find and mix the following ingredients with a mortal and pestle: dried white rose petals, silver glitter, blue

powder, dried vervain, and dried orris root. With your finger or a pencil, draw the symbol of Mercury and the symbol of Gemini in the powder. Hold your hands over the powder, asking that the mixture be instilled with the dynamic energies of Gemini. Store the powder in a plastic bag that contains a moonstone. To put to

use, place a teaspoon of the Mercury powder in the palm of your hand and blow off your fingers as you ask the element of air to speed your request and return the necessary details to you as quickly as possible.

by Silver Ravenwolf



Saturn Reorganizes Spell


After you spend your Saturday cleaning and organizing, try this meditation which utilizes Saturian colors to welcome good things to your home. Use black in the home office to help you meditate on keeping good finances- money in the bank, bills paid. Black absorbs all and attracts prosperity. Use brown in the living room- wood furniture gleaming with with lemon oil, bookshelves full of wonders. The wood is warm and inviting. Use red in the kitchen as a symbol of nourishment and health; visualize a big stew pot on a glowing red burner. Visualize salsa, red peppers, pasta sauces, and so on. Use indigo in the bedroom to help you visualize the night sky dotted with stars. Indigo calms, welcomes sleep,  and encourages rest; it feels peaceful here.

by Denise Dumars



General Good Health and Abundance Spell


To promote general good health and abundance in your life, squeeze a lemon into one cup of water while thinking of all the good things you want to flow into your life. Hold the cup of lemon water while humming a perfect pitch A (440 cycles per second) note for one minute. Then drink the water and lemon mixture.

by Therese Francis



Moon Soak Spell


To relax and become attuned to the Goddess at the end of your busy day, treat yourself to a Moon soak. To start, prepare a small dish of white flower petals mixed lightly with Epsom salts and scented with a few drops of jasmine oil. Have ready a silver or light blue candle and draw a warm bath. Light your candle and turn off all other lights, adding some soft background music if you so choose. Disrobe and look out a window, if possible, to see the Moon. If you can't see her, visualize her in whatever phase she is in. Ask the Lady of the Moon to bless you, and drawdown her power, as you anoint your forehead, head, throat, heart, abdomen, loins, and feet, each with a drop of jasmine oil. Now, toss your Epsom salt mixture into the bath, step in, and enjoy.

by Maria Kay Simms





Safety Map Spell


To ensure safety before taking a long trip, get out a map of the area through which yoy are going to be traveling. Cast a circle, and then, using a green pen, trace the route you're going to take. After you have done so, take a piece of white chalk and lightly color over the entire itinerary with a thin layer, visualizing the white chalk as a glowing light of  protection along the route and say: "Guard and Guide our trip, and all who venture on this road. See us safely to our destination, see us safely home. Blessed be." Visualize your self arriving safely. Fold the map, with the crystals inside, and tie it with a white ribbon. Keep it in your alter or in a safe place until you return.

by Yasmine Galenorn



Lifting Shyness Spell


You know the story- he's cute, but doesn't seem to have much to say. This spell is for use when an available person seems interested but reticent. To start, take a small key, hold it to your bosom and say: "Confident be he who holds this key, that my treasures will yielded be." Blast the key with vibrant, come-hither energy, then embalm the symbol in rosemary oil, saying: 'Hesitate not, future lover, but your feelings now uncover." Pass the key several times through the smoke of some fragrant incense, and say: "Inhibitions float away, love and luster here to stay." Send the key one last bolt of Venusian allure, and slip into your potential lover's pocket or bag. Let him work the rest out for himself. (This spell works when your future lover is a woman, too.)

by Kala Trobe



Tree Talking


For this spell, go barefoot into a forest with a container of water. Find a tree that seems, for some reason, to have a particular strength to it- perhaps from age or character. Greet the tree, and pouring the water about its base, state your wish to talk with it. Find what seems to you to be the proper location around the tree, plant your feet firmly, hold the tree as you press yourself against it. Dig your toes strongly into the ground, imagining that you are sending forth your own roots into the earth. Close your eyes and press your forehead against the tree. "Speak" to the tree in images and feelings, and leave your mind open to feel what the tree is feeling. Feel the life-force as it flows within the trunk of your tree-friend, and understand the tree's outlook on existence. Take your time. Experience, and enjoy yourself.

by Ed Fitch



A Blessing for a New Home


To give your new home a psychic cleansing, try this spell. Take a new broom and lightly anoint the tips of the bristles with a teaspoon or so of crushed almonds (for happiness) combined with a drop or two of honey (for the sweetness of life). Then at sunrise (never sunset), sweep your front porch or main threshold with

your anointed broom. Visualize sweeping away all negative energy as you say this charm: "With this broom I sweep away all negativity, till only peace and calm surround me. As I destroy all discord, I sweep in harmony and accord." Use this spell anytime you feel a need to cleanse your home, or after a grouch has darkened your doorway!

by Jim Weaver



New Moon on the Solstice Spell


In parts of Egypt, before the building of the Aswan dam, the

solsice marked the beginning of the nile flooding which brought

abundance to the nile valley. To tap into this magic, take twelve

coins from your pocket, one for each month of the year, and at a

table pile them as far away from you as possible. One by one,

move three of the coins toward you and let them fall into your

lap, saying: "The flood begins." Move another three to you, saying:

"The water is rising." Move the third set of three to you,

saying: "The flood is adequate this year." Finally, move the last

three coins to you, announcing with conviction: "This year is

abundant; all will thrive with this year's flood!" Keep the twelve

coins in a small bowl until next solstice. Draw one out each month

so that you always know you have money coming to you.


by deTraci Regula




Runic Naming Spell


Many people like to give names to important objects such as

their cars, and their computers. Sometimes the right name just pops

into your mind, but other times you need a little help. This

spell uses rune dice to suggest a secret magical name and a public

everyday name for a new object. Begin by placing a piece of

cloth on or near the object you wish to name. Select one of the rune

dice at random and toss it onto the cloth. The facedown symbol

indicates the secret name and nature of your object, while the

faceup symbol indicates the public ones. Look up the associations

in a rune book and meditate on the meaning of these runes; then

use red ink or paint to mark the runes on the object to be



by Elizabeth Barrette



Deep Sleep Spell


To ensure a deep sleep, fill the sink with warm water before

going to bed every night. Add five five to ten drops of lavender

oil, and splash the water on your face, the back of your neck,

your wrists, elbows, stomach, knees, and ankles. Alternatively, you

may shower and then take a hot soaking bath in a lavender tea.

To make the tea, boil a quart of water. Remove from heat and add

a half cup lavender flowers. Steep for five minutes then strain.

Pour the lavender tea into a tub filled with hot water and



by Therese Francis


Energy and Resolve Spell


Some of us, upon returning home from work, school, travel, or some other tiresome activities, have an immediate urge to collapse into a chair and watch TV and vegetate. Unfortunately, this means that we avoid other more important activities, such as our house work and chores. To train your energy after a long day, keep in your glove compartment a necklace or pouch of stones such as

jasper, tiger's eye, carnelian, or other objects that promote energy and efficiency. Before starting the drive home, handle the stones and visualize yourself arriving home and spending ten minutes tidying something (in one seamless motion) before you relax. Recall this visualization as you drive. If you are able to stick to this discipline, you can gradually increase the amount of time you spend cleaning.

by Janina Renee



Magical Strength Spell


To build your own magical strength, stand out in the open on a

dark moonless night. Then, pick pick out a star directly overhead

and gaze steadily at it. With your mind, will it to move first

one way and then to another. It will.


by Ed Fitch



A Spell to Reduce Defensiveness in Communications


If you encounter someone who seems very closed and defensive,

unwilling or unable to hear what you have to say, try this spell.

Sit down or place yourself lower than the other person. Be loose

and relaxed; do not cross your arms or legs. Make your breathing

slow and even. Visualize your aura (energy field) and draw it

close to you. Imagine yourself holding a sword, and the other

party holding a huge shield. Between you is a stone wall. In your

mind's eye, put down the sword and watch the wall fade away.

Silently invite your opposite to set aside the shield. Now invite the

other party to speak, by saying something such as, "Can you tell

me how you're feeling right now?" Listen, and listen some more.

Watch the other's defenses melt.


by Amber K



Friday Cat Spell


According to a French superstition, you don't see many cats on

Friday because they go to Finisterre to report to the devil after

spending the week spying on human families. (Finisterre is the

westernmost region of Brittany, a place with strong ties to a

Celtic past.) Because such negative beliefs are often inversions of

old traditions resulting from the church's attempt to put down

the old religions, this may be a survival of a Pagan belief that

the cats go to Finisterre to dance with the fairies. Therefore,

Witches can use this belief as an opportunity to strengthen a

relationship with the faery realm. On Friday morning, tie a red

string, loosely, around your cat's neck, reciting: "Whither you

wander, you carry my blessings." If the cat comes home without it,

you'll know the faery folk accept and return your good wishes.


by Janina Renee



Ocean Energy Meditation


If you live near an ocean, try this meditation designed to

increase energy while promoting relaxation. Stand at the edge of the

ocean and inhale its scent; listen to the waves as you gaze at

the sea. When a wave comes in, scoop some water: Feel it; taste

it. Breathe in as a wave recedes, breathe out as a wave breaks.

Shrug your shoulders a few times. Close your eyes again and

meditate on an ocean deity or spirit such as Yemaya, Tiamat, Neptune,

Poseidon, Isis, Pelagia, or Aphrodite. Feel the tension flow

from your neck and shoulders, flowing down to the sand. Now open

your eyes. Symbolically hug the ocean to your breast. Feel the

power of the waves; absorb energy from the ocean. Feel your energy

level rise. Thank the ocean for its blessings, and bless it in

return. Now have a great day!


by Denise Dumars



Cancer Energy Spell


To encourage the rebuilding of something, or to promote

protection, on a Monday night gather one bowl of water, three jade

stones, and thirteen new dimes. Empower the bowl of water under the

Full Moon by capturing the reflection of the Moon in the water

for at least thirty minutes. Slowly drop each dime in the water,

waiting until the water stills before you drop each one. Make

your intention known as you use all the dimes. Then, hold your

hands over the bowl and repeat your request. In the air over the

bowl, draw the sigil for the Moon and the sigil for Cancer. Take

the three stones and thirteen dimes and place them in a green

conjuring bag. Sprinkle the water at the threshold of all doors

leading to the outside, repeating your petition. Keep the bag with

you until your request is answered.


by Silver RavenWolf




To create prophetic dreams, walk outside with a fresh white rose.  Holid it
up to the Moon between both hands so that the blossom is flooded with
moonlight.  SAY:

Awaken my second sight

Press the white rose against your forehead SAYING:

By the power of this rite

Place the flower under your pillow before sleep and remember your dreams.

(from Llelwellyn's 2001 Magical Almanac, page 212)



Empathy Spell


When communication with someone founders, you can sometimes

understand what is happening by using the empathy spell. First,

chantsilently to yourself: "Me in thee, what do I see?" Then imagine

yourself in the other person's shoes, talking to you. Ask your

new self these questions: "How do I feel? What do I want? Why do

I want it? How can I get it? What do I fear? How do I see the

otheer party in this conversation (your old self)? As friend?

Potential ally? Obstacle? Enemy? A vague person? What am I seeing

that the other party isn't seeing?" Then return to your own skin

and check your new understanding by asking some careful neutral

questions, such as, "If I'm understanding correctly, this is what

you want. True?" Once you understand the other party, you will

quickly know whether agreement is possible and what it will take

to achieve it.


by Amber K



Full Moon Spell for Getting Organized


This Full Moon (at 13 degrees of Capricorn) is during a lunar

eclipse. Eclipses spotlight energies, and since Capricorn is the

get-organized sign, this eclipse will affect government, social

standing, career, and common sense. To utilize the energies of

this Moon, light a brown, dark blue, or black candle, and think

about your life: where you are, where you have come from, the

choices you have made, and the opportunities you have taken or

missed. How does this all mesh with what you envisioned for yourself

when you were younger? Are you following in your famiily's

footsteps or have you gone off in your own direction? Where do you

want to be? Write all this down and when you are done burn the

paper releasing your ambitions to the cosmos. Concentrate on your

work and how it benefits society.


by Estelle Daniels



Wish Upon the Moon Spell


To request a wish, inscribe the symbol of the waxing Moon in a

pure beeswax candle with a rose thorn. Light the candle, and with

your eyes focused upon the flame concentrate on your wish. When

the wish is firmly in your thoughts, chant: "Gracious Lady Moon,

mother of love and light, grant my wish. Fulfill my dreams.

Smile upon me tonight." Extinguish the candle flame, but hold its

memory for as long as you can. As you dwell upon the vision of the

burning flame, know that your request has been heard. Within the

space of a lunar cycle, your wish should be granted.


Gwydion O'Hara





California Poppies

California poppies are much more than just cheery flowers to brighten the
garden.  They bring the warmth and protectiove energy of their orange and
gold color.  To bring their magick to your property, plant some California
poppies in the early spring, during the first or second phase of the Moon,
when the Moon is in Virgo.  Follow the package directions and place them in a
sunny spot.  After planting the seeds say:  "Poppies, bright as the sun, your
growth has now begun.  Take root and take hold' bloom with flowers orange and
gold."  Give thanks to the Earth by pressing a penny into the seed bed, then
water the seeds with a gentle spray of water.  May you be blessed with a
brilliant colony of California Poppies.

Jim Weaver



Beltane Spell to Ward off Disease


Beltane is an appropriate time to perform spells to ward off disease, as the
ancient Celts once drove their livestock through the smoke of their sacred
Beltane bonfires to keep disease at bay.  To perform this spell you  will
need a piece of white chalk and a white candle that has never before been
burned.  With the chalk, draw a pentagram on the floor about four feet wide,
Light the white candle and hold it in our right hand.  Step into the
pentagram, face east, and trice recite:  "Beltane, fire of enchantment, burn
without and within, Let this sabbat spell begin!
Ofano, Oblamo, Ospergo, Hola Noa, Massa Lux Beff, Clemati, Adonai, Cleona,
Florit, Pax Sax Sarax, Afa Afaca Nostra, Cerum Heaium, Lada Frium.

So Mote it be!"



Tarus Energy Spell

On a Friday, place the following in  a deep blue envelope,

Seven dried daisy petals
gold ribbon thirteen inches long with a knot tied firmly around
One iron nail on each end
one teaspoon of fertile earth.

Seal the envelope with gold wax imprinted with you fingerprint.  On the
outside of the envelope draw the astrological symbol of Venus and the symbol
of Taurus. 
Hold your hands over the envelope and ask the spirit to assist you in this
situation.  Be clear about your intentions and needs.  Seal the spell by
kissing the envelope.  Bury the envelope in your backyard.  If you live in an
apartment or condominium place the envelope at the bottom of a flower pot and
cover with potting soil. 
Silver Ravenwolf



Full Moon Spell For Secrets

This Beltane Full Moon at 17 degrees of Scorpio) comes near a difficult
aspect- Jupiter opposite Pluto the day before.. so this may be an intense,
troublesome, and unsettled time.  Scorpio is the sign of shared resources. 
It also rules six, death, and taxes as well as insurance, secrets, and
mysteries.  Burn a black or dark red candle and meditate on the secrets you
hold.  Write down your secrets and imagine what might happen if they were
revealed to the world.  What are you hiding that is merely serving your ego? 
What are you hiding which protects yourself or others?  What are you hiding
because it gives you power?  Tear the paper into small pieces and bury them
in the earth if you want to keep those secrets, or flush them down the toilet
if you want to eliminate them from your life.   Estelle Daniels



Juno's Day

Thursday is June's day.  Juno is the great organizer of society, and she rules city hall, courthouses, lawyers offices, and banks, you may even find a likeness of her on a public building.  She deserves a rightful place alongside Thor and Jupiter in Thursday's lore of money and power.  It is probably no accident that there is an email provider called Juno, as she works well with technology issues, too.  You may choose to call upon Juno if you have legal, civic, or banking issues to deal with today, or if your computer is acting up.  Try wearing a mix of patchouli oil with a not too sweet feminine scent like neroli, lavender or melissa.  Wear royal purple or orange the color of intellect.  Season food with a bay leaf to release the power of bay laurel. Imagine Juno as your protector as you conduct your business.
Denise Dumars



A Charm to Dispel a state of Melancholy

Fill a large earthenware pot with soft dark loam, and over its surface sprinkle seeds of grass, gathered from the fields or bought, if need be, but all of them fat and fertile.  Set the pot in a sunny window, and water it each day at dawn, saying these words...

Out of night
Shines the grass
So my darkness
Now may pass
And change to joy
That drinks the sun
As gold that from
His side doth run

When the grass has risen high and put forth good foliage, clip half its
number and make of this an infusion within a small teapot, letting the leaves
steep in the water for full fifteen minutes.  Sweeten this tea with honey,
and drink it slowly, meditating on the Sun that has given life to all leaves
and that same Sun toward which your spirit turns anew.  The next morning clip
the remaining leaves and hang them to dry in a dim corner.  Afterwards
preserve them in a small canister, that they may sustain your joy through the
days to come, never permitting their solar influence to depart again.

From The Crone's Book of Charms and Spells.



Spell to Establish Concord between Rival Siblings

Had the nine Muses fought the way most sisters do, humanity’s arts would be much the poorer. To help establish sibling harmony among your children, bind objects symbolic of each child with a six-foot-long brown ribbon. As you do so, repeat: “Binah brought you unto me. Mother goddess, hear this plea. Let my children happy be; bound in soulful harmony.” If the Moon is waxing, you should contemplate a growth of love among the siblings; if waning, meditate on diminishing hostility. Pull the ribbon tight, and knot. Every time they fight, think of their goddess-blessed unity. It will not take long for the spell to take practical effect.

by: Kala Trobe



Get Pregnant Spell


If you are hoping to get pregnant, set aside several hours with your partner when the Moon is full in a water sign- Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Light a white candle and, together, clearly state that you wish to parent a child. Tell each other what your dreams are for this child, and how this child will change your lives. Be realistic and honest with each other. As one white candle burns out, light another, then demonstrate the level of care for each other. You may do this through anything sensual, such as massage, bathing or snuggling. After the sex act, continue showing care for each other for at least another hour. During this time,

restate that your intent is to bring a child into your family, and that you will show the child the same level of care that you are currently showing to each other.

by Therese Francis


Effective Communication Bath


If you are looking to increase your communication skills, you may choose to cast this bathing spell during the waning Moon. Toss a handful of table salt and a single blank onyx into your bath water and chant: "Wash all mental blocks with this stone. All negativity, all that has hold on me, banished be; my thoughts flow clear and free." Immerse yourself in the bath completely nine times. Allow your body to dry naturally, then bury the stone or release it into a body of water.

by Dorothy Morrison


Lammas Ritual

An old Pagan custom associated with Lammas is the making of a corn doll from the last sheaf of corn from a harvest. For good luck throughout the coming twelve months, the corn doll is traditionally hung up in the kitchen or in the chimney, and kept there until the following lammas, when it is ritually burned. It is said that if the previous year's corn doll is not removed before Christmas, the next harvest will be a poor one. To make a traditional Witch's corn doll for good luck, twist or tie together a few husks of corn into a small female figure. If desired, you may dress the corn doll and decorate it with dried flowers. Anoint it with a few drops of frankincense or clove oil, and then pass it twelve times through the smoke of burning sage to consecrate it as you chant your intent over it.

by Gerina Dunwich


Group Project Ritual

Oh, goody- you've been assigned to work on a group project! Now you need to find a way to get everyone to work together- easier said than done! Still, there are several magickal steps you can take to aid the process. First, on the evening before the project begins, bake "harmony" cookies for your project mates- sugar cookies, cut in heart-shapes and sprinkled with vanilla sugar, will work well for this. Then, before leaving for work in the morning, look in the mirror and see a patient, cooperative, and efficient team player. Wear rose, carnation, or musk cologne, and a red carnation in your buttonhole, and bring a bouquet of roses, carnations, or geraniums to the boardroom table. Suggest lunch at an Italian or Thai restaurant where they use lots of basil. Now, you should be ready to reap the rewards of increased cooperation and team effort in the workplace.

by Denise Dumars