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Job Spells

To Win a Job

Job Spell  1

Job Spell 2

Job Spell 3

Removal of Negativity/Job Resume Spell

Love Spells

To Send a Though of Love

A Talisman for Love

Sexual Attraction Spell

To Maintain Unconditional Love of Lover and Family

Italian Passion Spell

Yin Yang Witch Love Spell

Sweet Bottle Spell

Love and Admiration Oil

A Stone Attraction Spell

Spell to keep your lover from Straying

Stone Love Spell

Vervain Spell

New Love Tarot Spell

The Love-Bath Spell

Dill Spell

Prosperity Spells

Silver Dollar Spell

Prosperity Scroll

A Wealth Spell

Green Tea Spell

Prosperity Spell

Elemental Abundance Spell

Money Spell

Spell to Increase Cash Flow

Sucess & Prosperity

Spell  to Obtain Money

A Money Philter

Prosperity for your Children

Easy Life Oil Spell

Money Drawing Oil Spell

Basil Business Spell

Habit Breaking Spells

Spell to Curb Frivolous Spending

To Break Bad Habits

To Free Yourself From Habits Ect.

A Spell to help you eat less and become healthy


Ginger Ale Habit Breaking Spell

A Charm to Break a Troublesome Habit

The Ten Dollar Spell

Protection Spells

Protection, The Five Pebbles

House Protection/Cleansing

Spell for Protection

Spell to Protect Yourself From Attack

Simple Protection Spell

Protection Spell

Thumb Holding Spell

To Bind a Trouble Maker

Basil Spell

Spell for Safety

Healing Spells

Getting Rid of Cramps Spell

Spell to Cure Sickness

Angel Healing Spell

Fast Acting Healing Spell

Egg Spell to Banish Illness

Healing Spell

To Banish Illness

Stress spell

Snow Person Healing Spell

Buckeye Spell

Spell to Restore Lost Manhood

Getting Rid of Warts Spell

Banishment Spells and Spell Breakers

Spell of the Triple Flame

A Stone Banishment Spell

Reverse Magick

To break the effects of a spell

Banishment Stirring Spell

Brimstone Spell

The Bottle Spell

Ending Bad Luck

Separating Yourself from a Problem or Person

Seperation Spell

Spell for Annoying Neighbors

Unwanted Visitor Spell

Banishing a Love Rival

Dark Magic Spells

Necromancy Spell

Voodoo Coffin Spell

Black Coffin Spell

Wormwood Spell

Scrying and Divination Spells

Water Scrying Spell

Cauldron Spell for Prophecies

Divination, Black and White

Luck Spells

Holy Thistle Spell

Generating Luck Spell

A Good Luck Spell

Self Confidence Spells

A Spell of Self-Love

Self Confidence Spell

Spell for self-confidence

Cleansing and Purification Spells

Sacred Space Purification Spell

Create a Cleansing Altar

Kitchen Witch Purification Spell

Purification Spell for Water

Lavender Bath

Energy and Organization Spells

Technology Spells

Bless Your Computer

Holly Driving Charm

To Find A Parking Space Close To A Store Front

Anti Car Accident Spell

Reserving A Good Parking Spot

Almost Out of Gas Spell

Uncategorized Miscellaneous Spells

The Spell of the Holly Stone

Spell to Find a Home

Black Cat Candle Spell

High John the Conqueror Oil Spell

High John the Conqueror Powder Spell

Daruma Stack Spell

Wisdom Spell

Cat Spell for Spiritual Growth

Honey Binding To Bring Kindness

7 Day Calming Spell

A Spell for World Peace and a Pure World Environment

To Learn the Truth

Spell for Women in Public Service

Crystal Charge Spell

Sun Blessing Spell

Cat Communication Spell

Spell to Boost Personal Productivity

Holey Stones Spell

Strong as an Oak Spell

Find a New Friend Spell

Spell for Feeling Overwhelmed